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DON DOKKEN - "I'm Famous For Being A Dick So I'm Used To It"

DON DOKKEN - "I’m Famous For Being A Prick So I’m Used To It"

Don Dokken was recently asked by Brett Callwood of LA Weekly about a gig in Detroit last October, where he allegedly insulted the local openers. Cellphone footage captured at the Token Lounge show features the singer saying, during a rant about the poor sound, “This is what happens when you’ve got a bunch of fucking shit bands up here before you play.” Dokken claims he misspoke.

“I said one thing in Detroit and the whole planet is hating me. I had problems onstage, I had a lot of feedback, my microphone wasn’t working, the PA was feeding back for five songs, and what I meant to say was, ‘I apologize for the shitty sound from the other bands.’ I didn’t mean to insult the four bands.”

"Anybody who was at the Token Lounge knows that it was a goddamned clusterfuck," he continues. "I had feedback for five songs, I had to stop the show, I left the stage, and I said, ‘You fix it, I’ll come back. But I’m not coming back until you fix your problems.’ I can’t believe I said one little thing and the whole planet thinks I’m a prick. That’s OK. I’m famous for being a prick so I’m used to it.”

Dokken plays a show at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California on Saturday, March 11th. “It’s going to be something very special,” he says. “We’re playing 17 songs, a two-hour show. It’ll be the first time I’ve sang for two hours in 20 years. My voice is very good right now and I can do it. We’re playing obscure, deep, deep tracks that nobody’s heard in years. It’ll be interesting.”

Learn more at this location. Catch Dokken live in concert:

9 - Proof Bar - Houston, TX
10 - HEB Performance Hall -  San Antonio, TX 
11 - Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA
18 - Inn Of The Mountain Gods Resort & Casino - Mescalero, NM 

27 - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH 
28 - Aura - Portland, ME
29 - M3 Rock Festival - Columbia, MD 

21 - TBA - Lima, OH 
22 - Mulcahy's Pub & Concert Hall - Wantagh, NY

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