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ANGELS OR KINGS - Go Ask The Moon - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
Building on their award winning first album and Rockingham appearance Angels or Kings have pulled an even better album out of the hat. If ever there was an advertisement for bands being able to bring out their own material, without the censorious gatekeeping of a large record company, this is it! 
Highlights of the album include the truly great “No More Faith to Lose’ chock full of melody; hooks and superb guitar. It’s a gigantic slice of aor brilliance every bit as good as anything on FM’s Indiscreet with a great message about never giving up despite what life throws at you. ‘Ancient Fires’ with its  big theme about the eternal part inside everyone keeps up the standards with a superbly novel chorus, somehow wrapped in a classic sound we know and love. ‘No alibi’ is about the scales falling from your eyes after a love affair ends featuring passionate world class vocals from Baz Jackson, also superbly showcased on ‘You Better  Pray’. ‘Breathe’ has some nice keyboards and a guitar break with awesome tone and feeling. Well crafted choruses and masterful guitar appear at every turn including ‘On the Corner of Love and Lost’. ‘Heartbreak Railroad Company’ is the big ballad and title track ‘Go ask the Moon’ rocks while being wonderfully and originally evocative.
Since Christmas has been and gone it is perhaps appropriate that there are no turkeys in sight!! Their first album won an award from AOR Underground as best album and since this tops that first one if you are an AOR fan this will be an essential part of your collection which you cannot afford to miss! 
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