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Solo shows-Vince Neil and Ted Poley

This show was totally last minute for me. I wound up winning tickets that morning from my local radio station,so I quickly texted my friend Kelley inviting her to come with me.

This venue is pretty small, so any seat here is a good one. They gave me 15th row, not bad at all. This show wasnt packed at all, there were plenty of empty seats in front of us, but we decided to stay put, we had a great view of the stage.

The opening band is a local band I've seen before, called Mad Co. I like these guys, they have some really solid songs, although we got to the venue a bit later than intended and only saw their last song. 

Next up was Ted Poley. I cant say I am a big Danger Danger fan, so I wasnt really expecting to enjoy his set. I only knew some of their more popular songs and never  really got into them. I have to say, I really enjoyed seeing him solo. There were a couple songs he played, I believe they were Man Alive and the other was listed as Sick Little Twisted, that I thought were great. Cant find either of these songs, so I'm actually hoping someone on here (prob Andrew! lol) can take me to school a bit on what I've been missing out on. I bought his double cd he was selling, and will be giving it a listen soon!  One thing that annoyed me was that he was running out of time towards the end of his set. He was about to start the song Naughty Naughty, but since he could only play one more song, he skipped it and instead sang Prince's Purple Rain! If I was a Danger Danger fan that would have freaked me out!  I guess that musicians just take more of an all-encompassing  view on different kinds of music than the average fan does. Back in the 80's, if you were a hard rock or metal fan, you would never listen to an artist like Prince or Michael Jackson. It was blasphemy to like music other than rock. To see my hard rock 80's bands embrace them is still kind of weird for me. A couple years ago, I saw the Bullet Boys and Marq Torien did a MJ song .The mostly older crowd there all seemed to be having a WTF? moment, so I know I'm not alone in my feeling about wanting my 80's musicians to  stick to more of a rock sound when they pick cover songs. But Ted sounded great, even singing Prince, so I cant complain too much.

Then, it was time for Vince Neil. I've seen him a couple times recently, so I knew what to expect. Singing only parts of the songs, or letting the audience sing for him. He did all Motley songs, except for one of his solo songs, Tattoos & Tequila. He also disappeared for 3 songs, leaving Jeff Blando to sing 2 Zeppelin songs and Dio's Heaven & Hell. I dont know if he left for oxygen or a blow job (maybe both?), but he definitely seemed refreshed when he took the stage again ; )  After the last song, that was it, the lights came on and there was no encore,kind of disappointing. I really loved Crue back in the day, so I have to say I still enjoyed seeing him, despite everything. At the very least, he's picked some great musicians ( Zoltan is a real animal on the drums, love him! ) to play with, for when he takes his breaks from the rest of the band.  Bottom line- even though Vince isn't exactly what he was back in the day, I'm glad he's still out there doing his thing!

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Comment by KISSmaniac on January 28, 2012 at 4:51am

Just saw him in Denver last night.  Really enjoyed the show except for the part where Vince left and the band did Sabbath and Zepp, that was a WTF moment for many people in the crowd.  I took pics but they didn't turn out as good as these!  Really like the drummer, that guy kicks ass!  Was a fun show and yeah, I expected Vince to have the audience sing and for him to botch lyrics.  That's just the way he is.  I wasn't really surprised at the no encores, Motley Crue did the same thing last time I saw them.   Here's one of my pics from the Denver show:

Comment by Carlos Silva on January 24, 2012 at 12:03pm

I´ve seen Ted Poley in Rio de Janeiro few years ago and he was absolutely great! He was opening for Firehouse, so I think it was one of the best line ups I had ever seen. The other great one was Poison/Aerosmith back in the 90´s. I´m suspect for talking about Ted cause I really like Danger Danger and his solo work. I like Vince too, but had never seen him live. As you said, it´s Vince, he´s always great! :)

Comment by AndrewAxeman on January 22, 2012 at 5:33pm

Wow how lucky are you Kerry! Winning tickets? Haha, nice....

I think the song you were referring to was "Sick Little Twisted Mind";

Very surprised that he didn't do Naughty Naughty too .... never seen Vince solo, but agree with you about Zoltan Chaney, one of the entertaining drummers out there without a doubt, seen him in Slaughter.

Thanks for sharing with us....

Oh and here's a clip from the show;

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