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Secret Society - Interview with Courtney Stone-Moore (2009)


1. Tell us a little summay of Secret Society's story. How did you meet the other members of the band and how did the project begin?

Secret Society was formed loosely back in 2002 when we met Chris (Holmes) in Hollywood, Ca. The remains of GODSPEED which was Stefan & I, we were out partying because our GODSPEED drummer had cancelled some shows on us there. We decided to go to Club Vodka/the Key Club & we were standing outside just taking in the nightlife and Stefan goes"Holy Shit!!! Look behind you!!" I looked back and Chris is standing there. We were tripping out, because both of us have always loved W.A.S.P. & considered them an influence, espically Chris. So we started talking, gave him our GODSPEED cd that we were promoting  at the time, xchanged numbers and went from there. We said "Hey, you wanna do an album?!" and he says "yeah!!". Thats how it began. Kind of amazing huh? As far as our drummer history, we're worse than Spinal Tap!! Know any good ones????   


2. What is like working with Stefan Moore and Chris Holmes?

Its great working with Stefan and Chris.Some people know, we don't put it out there alot but Stefan and I are married and have 2 kids, gracee and Tipton, named after Glenn Tipton of coarse!! So Stefan and I are a METAL family!! We write, play and live METAL!!! Good thing we found each other. Working with Chris is a surreal experience. He pushes in the studio and in the writing which can be so stressful that you want to rip some heads off. But its cool to be pushed because it makes me a better player and playing with him is like playing 10 years to 1 year with a normal person!! Chris is an eccentric genius. And Stefan is one of my fav. vocalist. Pure, raw and real metal. Hes an awesome guitarist too. He actually played the lead on "Mutha F**cker" and thats a lot of peoples' favourite Song off of DEATH BY MISADVENTURE.


3. Is there only one member to write down all the lyrics of the songs, or do you work on them all together?

We all work on lyrics. Sometimes you reach back to something you wrote years or months before and then about half of it you come up with it on the spot.


4. How long did it take to record the whole album?

OH!!! To record the whole album, the actual process of recording,which we did in Chicago, Ill. only took 1 week(TALK ABOUT STRESS!!!)  but the writing and things you go through leading up to the recording sessions was a couple of years. Going back and forth  from East to West coast.  


5. Any particular memory from the recording sessions?

Chris recording his feedback track on some of the songs, which he plays loud as hell!!! he rivals Motorhead all on his own!! him standing on chairs holding his manson guitar up to monitor speakers to get the feedback! Watching him do his tricks, that was agreat memory and learned alot!!  another one was we were having a few photos taken in the studio and Stefan had been  picking at me for  a while till I was about to break, so Chris touches my shoulders and me thinking it was Stefan again i screamed "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!" and Chris was like "WHOA WHOA", that was really funny. We took a break one night and went out to see 7mary3 because an engineer on our cd had to record them in Milwakee so we went to hang out. Chris was giving the singer HELL! Telling them they sucked and told the guy he looked like George W. Bush! And he kinda does, oh well!


6. Ever thought about releasing a promotional video for the album?

Yes we have thought about doing a promo video but thats as far as it has gotten because of funds mostly. Why do you do that???


7. Are you still in contact with the members of your previous band?

There was only 3 of us in GODSPEED. Stefan, myself and the drummer and his skull is on the cd cover!!!


8. Haha, that's ok, so. The Internet is a good way for new bands to others know about your music: tell us more about your Secret Society pages on the web. Where can we find you, apart from the Official Website and Myspace?

On the net we have our website and myspace and facebook too. We all are not very computer savvy but I do think myspace is a cool thing for bands.


9. The role of girls in Heavy Metal is still very underrated. True or not?

TRUE, very underrated! The only girls you see on guitar mags are some bimbos from vh1, am I right!!???


10. Absolutely right, unfortunately! When did you start playing bass?

I started playing guitar at 11 and switched to bass at about 19, I think it was.


11. What are your favourite bassists and main influences?

My fave. bass players are Ian Hill, Billy Talbot, Lemmy, Benjamin Orr, Cliff Williams. I'm influenced by Rutger Hauer, real people, life and cold weather..


12. I know music is not only interest, you're also a talented photographer. Did you attend any school or did you learn by yourself?

Thank you for noticing my photography!! its something I've worked on a very, very long time..I'm self-taught all the way, and looking for work by the way!!! Many years of absolute imagination at work.


13. What about live shows? Have you already planned or are you planning any concert?

We haven't played out yet since the release.We absolutley want to tour. We actually are looking for a manager to get us rolling. So last words EVERYONE JOIN THE SOCIETY!! Check out  to purchase DEATH BY MISADVENTURE.  Lets keep metal alive and we can't wait to see you all out on tour!!


Check out Secret Society's Myspace and Official Website!

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