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"OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)"

After the great success achieved for the compilation dedicated to games in London 2012, DEFOX RECORDS is proud to announce the Rock Music tribute to 2016 Olympic games in Rio!
This operation aims to highlight the power, passion and dynamism of Sport, expression like the Rock music!
The compilation with Rock bands called "OLYMPIA 2016 (The End Of The Games)"  published in digital and CD format in July 15.

The project will be officially launched in Italy with a very important partnership with Sport Nazionale and Dr.Mabuse collective.
Various events and meeting will be organized, the presentation is scheduled in July 21 in a place called QuBi Gallery at prestigious Palazzo Valmarana Braga in Vicenza, other event will take place in one of the best Comics School in Italy called "Wonderland" in Treviso.

Artistic direction by Mirko DeFox, Artwork and photo by RRR Remi Real Rock.

The list of artists and bands :
Daniele Bat Maraspin (Ita), Anastasio Farini (Grc), AnotherOx (Che), Alicate (Swe),
Armonight (Ita), R Riccardo Favara (Ita/UK), MisterMat (Ita), Muireann June Cash (Ita),
Paul & Electronics (Ita), Zan (Ita), Serena Rock Band (Ita), Shivan (Ita),
Moto Armonico (Ita), Breaking Chain (UK), Brave (Bra), Symptomen (Bra), Miquian (Mex),

Tiny Setback (Bra), Alicate (Swe), Serena Rock Band (Ita), The Sliding Tube (Ita),
Bad Luck Train (Bra), Using Bridge (Ita), The Sacrificed (Bra), Mindfuel (Swe),
Daily Noise Club (Bul), Onnirica (Bra), Fearless (Bra)


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