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LUCA ZAMBERLIN, italian guitar wizard

De Fox Records & Heart of Steel Records are proud to announce the release of HighDosage, Italian Guitarist Luca Zamberlin's brand new instrumental Ep.
HighDosage on sale worldwide available on all the biggest digital markets . The ep is also currently available in limited printed edition.

Highdosage, produced by former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso,features some blazing-playing from legendary drummer Atma Anur, Los Angeles'guitar virtuoso Alex Masi, keyboards'wizard Michael T.Ross plus other guests.
Out of the six tracks included there is Luca's "rockier"version of I.M.N.S.Y, a tune taken from Shaun Baxter's Jazz-Metal album , considered a milestone.
Highdosage has very little editing and basically is an old school improvised jam with today's sound quality.

Track list:
01 Led boots jam (Max Middleton)
02 Time is our enemy (Alex Masi-Luca Zamberlin)
03 White Caprice (Luca Zamberlin)
04 BB (Martino Beria)
05 I.M.N.S.Y. (Shaun Baxter)
06 Machine gun jam (Jimi Hendrix)

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