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I had quite an adventure at Cathouse Live over the weekend. Read about it here

[caption id="attachment_2398" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Jaime St James at Cathouse Live (photo: Dean Boswell)[/caption]

Gig review: CATHOUSE LIVE at Verizon Amphitheatre, Irvine Meadows
August 15, 2015
MICHAEL from Iowa believes he can save the music industry.
Sky and Sean from California are going to be married on-site by former MTV host Riki Rachtman. Dean and Mandy from Melbourne and Sydney are upset their passes don’t work.
Adele and Jim from Birmingham ended up at pool party with Ron Jeremy on their second-ever night in America, after bumping into Sebastian Bach.
“I call us RCAs,” says James, of London, the next day in an Uber to the airport “Rockers of a Certain Age.
“We can afford to fly places for gigs, we can often combine these trips with work, we know what we like.”
James also has a plan to save the music industry. While the bill for the first Cathouse Live festival, named after an infamous late 1980s Hollywood rock club, may appear nostalgic and not much more, the real progress is being made among the 3000 or so fans who made the trek to the soon-to-be demolished Orange County venue.
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