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Faster Pussycat Ollies Point, NY 3/9/12

Faster Pussycat! One of my absolute favorite bands! I've seen them a load of times before, but I've been looking forward to this show for a while.  They played at Ollies Point in Amityville (yes THAT Amityville), which took over hosting local rock shows here on Long Island from the now-closed Crazy Donkey.  

This was a really long night, there were 7 bands playing, with the doors not  opening until 8pm. I cant remember much of the first few openers,but the bands that played were Tired Wings, Mr Murray, DB Sleez and Kore Rozzik.  

One  opening band I did want to see, Stiletto, came on next. I've seen these guys a few times now and absolutely love them! One of the highlights of  the night was when they did a cover of the Stones Starfucker and were joined on stage by members of Faster Pussycat. I'm pretty much kicking myself that I didnt get this on video. It was crazy-good! They opened with their original song New York City Blues, which is one of my favorites .They (almost literally) tore up the stage, and were the only opening band to  get the crowd going and got everyone running up to the front of the stage. And if you know me at all, you know I was right up there! I hear they are working on their debut cd. Since I happen to know a certain internet radio host : ) I'm sure you'll all get a chance to hear a song or two in the near future.

*all photos of Stiletto courtesy of Rita Fabozzi

When it was time for Faster Pussycat, and they pulled back the curtain, the first thing I did was look down at the floor of the stage to see the setlist. Hmmm, no setlist?  I'm thinking that someone must have screwed up and forgotten them, but no, for some reason they decided to just wing it on this particular night. I wasn't happy about that, I like to know what songs they are going to play, plus it wasted a bit of time from an already short set as they were trying to decide what songs to do (one song that I know for sure that got cut  was a Newlydeads song, In Denial. Damn!) but this is Faster Pussycat, they always have fun, and the crowd loved them, screaming out song suggestions and singing along to everything they played.  Some of the songs they did included  Jack the Bastard, Number 1 with a Bullet, Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll, Poison Ivy and a really awesome Bathroom Wall, where in the middle of the song, Danny cut in with the Supersuckers Pretty Fucked Up (at which point the crowd went ballistic, screaming out the lyrics), then back to Taime to finish Bathroom Wall.  Kicking myself, again, for no video!  

Faster Pussycat are going to be part of an upcoming summer tour with a few other bands, including JR's Great White, Bullet Boys and Pretty Boy Floyd. Also, if you are a fan of FP's Danny and Chad, check out their other band Motochrist, who are FINALLY going to be playing a couple east coast shows, they will be in the NY/NJ area at the end of March!


Danny Nordahl 

Because this show was overbooked,the band they are touring with, Cascadence, went on afterwards. Really a shame that it was so late and that nearly the entire place had already emptied out, because I've seen these guys before, and they were worth sticking around for!

 It was a great night of music, plus old and new friends. Hope its not too long before I get to see all 3 of these bands again!

Chad Stewart of FP with Johnny Oak of Cascadence 

some additions to my pick collection : )

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Comment by Jamie Leigh Hunt on March 17, 2012 at 12:55pm

wow..7 bands...long night but sounds like a great time. I know Taime and the boys were very happy about playing your area and they enjoyed sight seeing while they were there, including seeing the Amityville House. Anytime Faster Pussycat plays, you can bet it will be a fabulous time!! I hope that tour they are on with PBF comes here!

Comment by Kerry on March 16, 2012 at 8:40am

Have a great time Andrew!! I hope someone gets that bathroom wall/supersuckers on video!

 You must be thinking of a different radio host, the one I know is freakin awesome ; ) xoxo

Comment by AndrewAxeman on March 15, 2012 at 11:56am

Enjoyed reading this review, gets me even more excited to see them again here on Monday!

Ohhh and you know a certain radio host huh?? Good luck with that, I hear he's a big of an a-hole! lol ;) 

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