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Eddie Trunk says there will be an announcement at midday Tuesday regarding the future of TMS


WHEN a young Don Jamieson brought KISS’ Destroyer into his New Jersey home some three decades ago, his parents were not best pleased.

“I was nine or 10 and mom was not happy because I immediately started putting up the posters on my walls, on my ceilings,” 47-year-old Jamieson, now a stand-up comedian, recalls.

“Anywhere there was space, I put a KISS poster or a KISS picture."

Tonight, though, Jamieson’s parents Jack and Carole are possibly the proudest parents in Manhattan. KISS, hard rock and heavy metal have made their son a television star.

Family friends Ruth and Charlie Klein are their guests in the blue room at a nondescript studio on 106th Street. They are the only members of the group, which will constitute the studio audience of That Metal Show, not wearing either a black t-shirt or some form of denim.

The coat-check by the door is lined with leather jackets and hoodies. “When’s your story coming out?” says Carole, intently. “How do I get a copy of your magazine?”

Tonight is the final taping of the season for , a VH1 Classic programme hosted by Jamieson, fellow comic Jim Florentine and long-serving hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk. Despite the increasingly underground nature of hard rock and heavy metal in America, the show has aired for 13 seasons and is now the longest-running original series on the station.

Two episodes are being recorded tonight and the four oldest audience members (though not by much) are invited into the studio early to catch the end of the first before joining the rest of us in the crowd for the second, which boasts Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen as guests.

Jack and Carole Jamieson are no longer annoyed at their son for buying KISS’s Bob Ezrin-produced 1976 classic, with its demonic cover depicting four costumed, face-painted figures against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

"It's only been, like, a 35 year delay - but it paid off," Jamieson -who has a comedy record called Hellbent For Laughter - says with a chuckle.

But by a rather bizarre twist, KISS are now kind of annoyed at their son.

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