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Bill Ward Updates Black Sabbath Reunion Status

Bill Ward Updates Black Sabbath Reunion Status

Recently, Bill Ward announced that he would not be participating in the Black Sabbath reunion due to an "unsignable" contract being presented in negotiations. After finding out he was replaced by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, he has broken his silence. On his Facebook page, Bill has updated the present state of affairs regarding the impending Black Sabbath reunion in this excerpt:

Hello my fans. I am humbled by the outpouring of support you've shown me. On this third round of negotiations my lawyers have sent to Ozzy's attorneys, here is how the reunion stands. Keep in mind I have nothing but respect for my former bandmates, so I wish to not speak in derogatory terms of them.

However, the contract is still unsignable and I am breaking my silence to divulge the reasons why. It's unsignable because Sharon Osbourne only wanted to give Geezer and I five percent each, along with 10 percent for Tony. Mind you, I am not on the dole and I don't need a few quid that badly. I have my honor and as an original member of Black Sabbath I deserve to be shown respect.

Might I add that Sharon also included some mighty rich stipulations to that contract as well. She never forgave me for leaving Ozzfest in 1997 and departing the next year due to health reasons. Bloody nonsense! She made sure that on any of the tour riders I would not get a vegan platter, plus she wanted me to walk Ozzy's twelve dogs before each show.

To top it off, Sharon wanted us to do a version of "Changes" on the setlist that featured Kelly Osbourne dueting with Ozzy. I'm sorry mate, but that's where I draw the line. It was also in the contract that I would have to feature all these new commercial bands that Sharon manages on my monthly radio show on WPMD. What a load of horse bollocks. I can't handle that woman since she threw eggs at our mates in Iron Maiden years back, which upset me enough to leave that tour.

The most unacceptable thing, in my opinion, was how Sharon's management team insisted that the new album we would put out should contain commercial sounding metal that would make it easier for us to get airplay. The boys and I were thinking of calling the new album "Doomination," but she thought the title was too limiting. So, at this point, the contract is still unsignable. Mind you, I am ready at any moment to board a plane from California to Birmingham if a proper contract with no degrading stipulations exists, one in which I'd also get a proper twenty-five percent.

Bill also went on to say that it would be better if Black Sabbath reunited on 12/12/12, so that they could turn it up to twelve and watch the apocalypse unfold in nine days to some loud doom metal.

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