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AC/DC Plays "Touch Too Much" For The First Time EVER

TONIGHT (May 22) in Prague, Czech Republic, AC/DC have performed their classic track "Touch Too Much" for the first time in the band's entire history.Originally released on the group's 1979 landmark effort "Highway to Hell," the song was performed by the lads on BBC's "Top of the Pops" music show just several days before Bon Scott died, but that was a lip-synched performance, so it doesn't really count.

And now, with Axl Rose on vocals, the boys have rocked the ditty loud and proud!

Also, as you can see in the video below, Mr. Rose seems to be finally walking on his own, so that throne is now officially a thing of the past.

During a doorstop interview at LAX before flying out for his controversial European dates at Brian Johnson's replacement, Guns N'Roses frontman Rose was asked by an Australian reporter: "What's your favourite AC/DC song?"

His response was: "Right now, 'Touch Too Much'". "Dog Eat Dog" was performed for the first time since 2009.

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