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In 1988, TKO vocalist Brad Sinsel had a solo project called Suicide Squad with well known Seattle drummer Richard Stuverud who had played with punk rock band The Fastbacks and was working with the power metal band Fifth Angel.

At the end of the project, Sinsel, Stuverud and TKO guitarist Tommy McMullin, along with various members, formed War Babies and played around the Seattle scene. They played with popular Seattle bands like Mother Love Bone, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and others.

In 1990, at the time of Andrew Wood's death and the end of Mother Love Bone, Jeff Ament joined War Babies, but he soon left to join Stone Gossard's new band Pearl Jam.

Soon after, the band scored a contract with Columbia Records. However, Columbia were trying to lure Aerosmith away from Geffen and delayed the release of the War Babies album. After not being able to sign Aerosmith, Columbia tried to make their own "Aerosmith" with War Babies and finally in 1992, the album was released featuring the line up of Brad Sinsel (vocals), Guy Lacey (guitars), Tommy McMullin (guitars), Shawn Trotter (bass) and Richard Stuverud (drums).

Their first single, "Hang Me Up", was co-written by McMullin and Paul Stanley. Two other singles were released, "Blue Tomorrow" (a song dedicated to Andrew Wood, who was a friend of Sinsel and McMullin's) and the power ballad "Cry Yourself To Sleep".

However, their sound was deemed too glam metal for that time, leading to the War Babies breakup in 1993.

After the breakup, McMullin started the band The Dead Letters while Lacey and Trotter formed 8 Days In Jail.

Stuverud would join and record with several Seattle bands, the most notable being Three Fish, a side project featuring Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament.

Most recently, McMullin is fronting his own band Gunn and the Damage Done with an album due to be released in 2008.

Sinsel is fronting his own band American Standard.Guy Lacey and Shawn Trotter joined Seattle punk rock band Sledgeback.

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War Babies


1. "Hang Me Up" – 4:04
2. "In The Wind" – 4:25
3. "Cry Yourself To Sleep" – 4:46
4. "Sweetwater" – 4:15
5. "Sea Of Madness" – 4:56
6. "Blue Tomorrow" - 5:56
7. "Satellite" – 4:23
8. "Death Valley Of Love" – 3:45
9. "Big Big Sun" – 3:28
10. "Killing Time" – 4:40
11. "Care (Man I Just Don't)" – 4:08



Hang Me Up (VIDEO)


Blue Tomorrow (VIDEO)


Blue Tomorrow (AUDIO)


Sea Of Madness


In The Wind



Death Valley Of Love


Cry Yourself To Sleep




Killing Time


Big Big Sun

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Comment by EILEEN on July 26, 2012 at 8:13am

Great Band!!!!

Comment by melissa Bordelon on March 28, 2012 at 11:06pm

Love you Guys!!! You Rock !!! SO glad to join your group!!! \m/...<3


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