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What is your favorite song from "Angel Down", the new CD from Sebastian Bach? Why?

Mine is " Falling Into You". It's a beautiful song and he sings it with such powerful emotion. He has one hell of a voice!

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My favorite would have to by "By Your Side" because its got a great tone and he sings so smooth, that song is a bout Baz's father.
By Your Side is second, it is an awesome song. I didn't know it was about his father!
mine is either Stuck Inside,Angel Down,Love is a *****slap,or his cover of Back In The Saddle
Oh my... this whole album is pure KICK ASS. I don't know if I could choose my favorite...

I'd have to say a tie between By Your Side, You Don't Understand, Falling into You, and (Love is) a Bitchslap.


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