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The following message is from Sam McCaslin (CEO/President of Retrospect Records);

Hi Everyone - wow , what a start to the year! I'm SO busy right now but I wanted to take a few minutes out to share with everyone whats going on.

Firstly let's talk about the label. Retrospect Records started as a 'hobby' for me just over 3 years ago. I never dreamed in a million years how far this label has come. With over 400 releases and so many more on the way , this label is now a full-time job. So many people said I'd never make it , that I wouldn't last more than 6 months. Well , here's a big F You to those people. Not only is Retrospect the world's leader in 80s Rock and Metal re-issues but we have stepped into the realm of NEW artists with NEW releases and has definitely been a step in the right direction.

With the signing of bands like FREAKSHOW (featuring members of Quiet Riot , Miss Crazy , Cinderella and Blue Murder) , WILDSTREET (the second coming of Def Leppard) , ERIC VANLANDINGHAM , and D'MOLLS , I am honored and excited to be representing some of the best Hard Rock acts in the business. They are putting their faith in me and I will do my damndest to not let them down. Thank you guys for this opportunity.

Along with this great news comes the biggest honor I've ever been offered. As y'all can tell from my pics , I am a keyboardist by trade and have been for 20 years. Two years ago I was offered the spot with Malmsteen's band and was too afraid that I couldn't do it , so I turned it down. I kind of regret it now and was determined to not let another opportunity like that pass me by. Well , tonight I got the phone call of my career. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with artists such as Michael Schenker , Ron Keel , XYZ , Carmine Appice , Chris Slade , Sean McNabb etc... but tonight I got a phone call that I would be playing with one of my all-time favorite bands and filling the shoes of one of the most respected keyboard players in the industry. I can't let the cat out of the bag yet , but I really wanted to share with you , my friends , that dreams do come true if you believe enough.

That particular band will be performing at the greatest 80s Rock festival in America "Rocklahoma" and that leads me to my next paragraph.

Running 3 stages this year at Rocklahoma has been extremely difficult thus far , but I'm really enjoying it. The majority of the line-up will be released Monday and I believe this is the strongest sidestage line-up ever assembled for a Rock festival. Over 200 bands wanted on the bill , I had to go through each one and decide on the cream of the crop. While at this time the slots are full , there may be a couple of spots that become available at anytime.

I am absolutely stoked at the line-up as well as the invitation from bands like Bonfire , Mass and Baton Rouge to perform with them. It's going to be an awesome year.

I just wanted to let you all , my friends , know that I work my ass off 24/7 (it seems) to keep the dreams alive of fellow musicians , but most importantly , keeping the excitement and integrity of OUR music , OUR genre , OUR scene alive.

It's been my intentions from day one to say F you to corporate clowns who push alternative angst ridden and/or whiny music on the radio. We're doing it one day at a time and with your help and support , we'll make a dent in this industry. I hope to make Retrospect Records synonymous with quality Hard Rock and Metal and maybe someday I'll be as respected as labels like MEGAFORCE , ROADRUNNER , CENTURY MEDIA or METAL BLADE.
Who knows?

Thanks to everyone for your help and support. You are not forgotten.

I couldn't do it without you and the bands couldn't either.

To the bands: Thanks for allowing me to represent you. Your patience , your faith and your continued belief in this label is unmatched. I am so proud to have you as part of this family. You guys are the greatest. I am humbled.


Sam McCaslin
CEO-President / Retrospect Records
Sidestage Manager / Rocklahoma

Check out more on Retrospect Records at this link;

For the latest on Rocklahoma, go here;

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Congratulations Sam! I'm glad things are going so well for you. Keep Rockin' man and I'll talk to you soon.
Be cool,
Bam Bam
Sam you DO rock, thanks for putting out the new D'Molls CD. see you at Rocklahoma
Trent (stix axetion) Anderson -drummer for Desi & Priest of D'Molls.


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