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Paul Di'anno's Battlezone


Paul Andrews (born 17 May 1958, in West Ham, London), better known as Paul Di'Anno, is an English singer best known as the first vocalist to record with the iconic band Iron Maiden, from 1978 to 1981.

In his post-Maiden career, Di'Anno has issued numerous albums over the years, as both a solo artist and as a member of such bands as Gogmagog, Di'Anno's Battlezone, Praying Mantis, Killers and Rockfellas.

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Paul Di'anno's Battlezone

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Children of Madness (FULL ALBUM)

1. Rip It Up
2. I Don't Wanna Know
3. Nuclear Breakdown
4. Torch of Hate
5. Whispered Rage
6. Children of Madness
7. Metal Tears
8. It's Love
9. The Promise
10. To the Limit

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Children of Madness


(Forever) Fighting Back

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"I Don't Wanna Know"


 Fighting Back (1986)
Children of Madness (1987)
Warchild (1988)
Feel My Pain (1998)
Cessation of Hostilities (Compilation with all three studio albums Battlezone released + Children of madness demo tracks and one new live track, 2001)
The Fight Goes On (Boxset including all three Battlezone studio albums, 2008)


Battlezone (1985–89, 1998)

After the breakup of his self-titled band, Di'Anno formed Strike with DeeRal (guitar) who recruited drummer Bob Falck (who had used the name Sid Falck while playing drums in Overkill) and the Hurley brothers John (2nd guitar) and Chaz (bass). The project was eventually named Battlezone, after a name straight from a comic book,[6] upon the vocalist's return to Britain in 1985.[7] Paul had previously known guitarists John Wiggins and John Hurley from bands such as Deep Machine and Iron Cross.[6]

The band's initial line-up comprised Di'Anno, guitarists John Wiggins & John Hurley, bassist Laurence Kessler and Adam Parsons on drums. The latter had gone under the stage name A.D. Dynamite whilst in Aunt May. However, Parsons left shortly after to replace Vince Hoare in the London-based glam band Belladonna (formed by former Hell's Belles vocalist Paul Quigley, with Paul Lewis, Jeff Fox and Neil Criss)[8] and Falck reappeared on the scene in time to record the band's first album written by Di'Anno & DeeRal Fighting Back. 1986 also saw the enrollment of former Lonewolf and Tokyo Blade guitarist John Wiggins.

Battlezone performed a club tour of America in 1987 to promote the début Fighting Back, but musical differences, arguments and physical fights within the band led to the departure of John Hurley and Bob Falck after the first tour. According to Di'Anno's book The Beast, Hurley had become an "egomaniac" and the drummer Falck a "liability", so they were thrown out the band. Their places were taken by ex-Persian Risk members Graham Bath and Steve Hopgood respectively, following the tour's completion.

The second album to be released was entitled Children of Madness and achieved considerable commercial success. It featured a track entitled "Metal Tears", which is about a guy who was unable to have a steady relationship and built a female robot who he subsequently fell in love with. The original idea came from a book titled "Clone".[9] However, the track received criticism from the media for being very similar to a track (entitled "London") on Queensrÿche's Rage for Order album.

Guitarist Graham Bath, who had been recruited to play second guitar, wasn't enthusiastic about touring, so he was fired from the band. Peter West, the bassist, recommended a replacement Alf Batz, who joined just in time to go to New York for the video shoot."[9] The video for "I Don't Wanna Know" was played in rotation on MTV in the US.

Drugs and infighting again put a strain on the band. Towards the end of the final tour, most members had quit leaving Di'Anno to complete the tour with a backing band in order to fulfil his contract.

Subsequently, American guitarist Randy Scott, along with Dave Harman on guitar and Eddie Davidson on bass, signed up with Battlezone. However, the band were without proper management and disbanded shortly after.

Following the breakup of Battlezone, Di'Anno and Hopgood formed the power metal band Killers releasing four albums. Hurley would later form glam rock band L.O. Girls and release the "Twelve Bore Honeymoon" single in 1990 and "Just Can't Say I Love You" in 1993. During 1990, Di'Anno fronted Praying Mantis for a tour of Japan, which was recorded for the subsequent Live at Last album release with ex-Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton. Wiggins joined a reformed Tokyo Blade in 1995.

By 1998, Di'Anno had resurrected the name Battlezone. Joining him were Wiggins and fellow ex-Tokyo Blade members bassist Colin Riggs and drummer Marc Angel. Second guitars were supplied by the Brazilian Paulo Turin. This line-up cut the album Feel My Pain, released by the fledgling "Zoom Club" label. Working titles for the album included "Spoon Face" and "Smack", both containing references to heroin use. The album had a heavier edge compared to the first two Battlezone albums. The band undertook a sold-out Brazilian tour in January 1998, with erstwhile Killers colleagues bassist Gavin Cooper and guitarist Nick Burr joining on this South American tour.

The band toured Brazil in the same year playing a three-week tour to sold-out audiences up to 6000 fans a night. Being brought back down to earth, Battlezone upon their return home put on a gig at the Walthamstow Royal Standard with an audience of only a hundred or so and a gig at JB's Dudley in the West Midlands attracting fewer than a dozen fans. A live track from the Walthamstow gig later appeared on a compilation of all three Battlezone albums, entitled Cessation of Hostilities. Ex-Battlezone bassist Gavin Cooper joined Lionsheart in December 2004, then moved onto Statetrooper in May 2005. The bassist subsequently joined the ranks of Magnum singer Bob Catley's solo band for UK dates in April 2006.

In mid-2008, a Battlezone compilation entitled The Fight Goes On was released as on the Phantom Sound & Vision label as a 3-CD box set featuring all 3 Battlezone studio albums.

Last known line-up:
Paul Di´Anno – Vocals
Johnny "Bravo" Wiggins – Guitars
Paulo Turin – Guitars
Colin Riggs – Bass
Mark Angel – Drums

Former/past member(s):
DeeRal – Guitars
John Hurley – Guitars
Graham Bath – Guitars
Alf Batz – Guitars
Randy Scott – Guitars
Dave Harman – Guitars
Chaz Hurley – Bass
Peter Vester – Bass
Eddie Davidson – Bass
Bob "Sid" Falck – Drums
J. Michael D.- Drums
Steve Hopgood – Drums

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