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Hello everyone ! Although there is already a Lillian Axe group with plenty of great info, it appears to be inactive and not up to date. I had  asked Andrew about gaining access to update the site and he advised me to create a new one. 

Upcoming Shows

04/11Houma, LA The Brickhouse Tavern
04/12Jackson, MS FYE In Store Performance and Signing
04/18 Houston, TX The Concert Pub North
04/19 Dallas, TX The Red Blood Club

May 9 in Jackson, MS at Duling Hall.

07/19 Pekin, IL Goodfellas (Brian, Steve & Sam acoustic)
09/27 Melbourne, FL 80's In The Park Festival

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Location: New Orleans, LA
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From humble beginnings in 1983, the New Orleans-based hard rock act rose above the cream of the bands touring the southern U.S. club circuit. Within three years, the band's live show had built a reputation that could not be denied and was becoming legendary throughout the south.

While performing an opening stint with Ratt, Poison and Queensryche, the guys caught the eye of MCA Records and also Marshall Berle (nephew of Milton Berle) who, at the time, was managing rock superstars, Ratt.

In August of 1987, guitarist, Steve Blaze and drummer, Danny King of Lillian Axe joined forces with vocalist, Ron Taylor, guitarist, Jon Ster and bassist, Rob Stratton of another popular regional touring band, Stiff.

One month later a deal with MCA Records was in the can, and in April of 1988, the band's self-titled debut album (produced by Ratt guitaritst Robbin Crosby) was released. Spawning the MTV and radio hit, "Dream Of A Lifetime", the band hit the touring trail, supporting the likes of Krokus, Stryper and Lita Ford, as well as headlining shows of their own.

In November of 1988, the quintet re-entered the studio with legendary engineer/producer, Tony Platt, to begin work on the Love & War album - one which many hold in high regard as one of the most underrated albums of the past decade. Once again, radio and MTV hammered out the first single, "Show A Little Love", propelling Lillian Axe even closer to becoming one of the most up-and- coming and respected bands of the day. However, a fatal blow was dealt to the band's soaring momentum when the label failed to sustain the support and give the band that extra little push it needed to truly rise to the top. Radio, MTV and a huge fan base just didn't seem to be enough to satisfy their relationship with MCA, and in early 1990 the band and the label parted ways. April of 1991 found Lillian Axe with a new bassist, Darrin DeLatte, a new drummer, Gene Barnett (Dirty Looks) and a new home with Grand Slamm/IRS Records.

After releasing a successful compilation record of the first two MCA records called "Out of the Darkness Into the Light", Lillian Axe unleashed their most successful album to date, Poetic Justice, which hit the streets in January of 1992.

Fueled by the hit single, "True Believer" and followed by their cover of the Badfinger classic, "No Matter What", Poetic Justice reached the upper 100 of the Billboard album charts and with True Believer hitting number 37 with a "bullet" on radio's R&R charts, Lillian Axe was well on their way to finally becoming a well deserved success story. Spending the better part of 1992 on the road, the band criss-crossed the states numerous times and at the end of that year, finally got to meet their European fans by playing shows in the England, Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Spring of '93 saw Lillian Axe back in the studio with new drummer, Tommy Stewart (Godsmack), in the fold.

The recording sessions for Psychoschizophrenia, again with Poetic Justice producer Leif Mases (Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page), were some of the most creative to date and brought out some of the most dynamic performances of the band's career. Shortly after the recording sessions, the band once again found themselves in their second home - a tour bus. This time the tour would last for nearly three years as the band played any and every place that would have them, including yet another trip to Europe and an extended co-headlining tour of the States with Accept. By 1995 the band found themselves to be simply worn out, as anyone would be who kept up the pace that Lillian Axe had set for themselves over the last eight years. The band had always been most at home when on the road together, but the time had finally come to move out of that house for a while and do something different. There was never a big "break-up" or typical soap opera story, the guys just took a break to do different things. Who knew the break would turn into four years away from the "old girl Lillian"? During this new time of discovery and experimentation, Steve Blaze formed Near Life Experience with his little brother Craig (Crowbar) on drums, and explored a whole new side of his songwriting, and now, singing abilities. Ron Taylor also took on new form with his band The Bridge, with old Stiff bandmate Drew Smith. Both Near Life Experience and The Bridge can be heard on self-released CD's available over the Internet. Tommy Scott Stewart, after playing drums on most of the Bridge CD, went on to join a band from Boston called Godsmack, and is now enjoying huge success. Jon Ster and Darrin DeLatte spent their time off building new families of their own, both having children over this time.

Before the decade could come to an end, the band was contacted by Z Records, an independent European label, and Pony Canyon Records, a Japanese label, about putting out a collection of unreleased Lillian Axe songs. The guys accepted, and in the summer of 1999, Fields of Yesterday was released, giving the band's hardcore following the breath of new life they had been waiting for. Advertisements for the new CD read, "The Bitch is Back", and that statement was oh, so true. Lillian Axe was definitely back indeed. Culled from master tapes that had been waiting to surface at some point in time, the thirteen songs that comprised Fields Of Yesterday had been held in high regard by Lillian Axe fans who had passed these unreleased songs through the tape trading channels for years. Now, for the first time, fans were able to enjoy songs such as, "Pulling the Rats Out", "For Crying Out Loud", "Death Valley Daze", "Twilight in Hell" and more, on CD. As a predecessor to the album's release, the quintet finally returned to their old stomping grounds, the clubs that they had regularly toured for years during the early days, and were met with overwhelming response from old and new fans alike. Make no mistake about it, the fans, as well as the guys in the band, were very happy to see Lillian Axe back. And, for the first time ever, their longtime Japanese fans would finally get their chance to experience the magic of a live Lillian Axe show when the band hit the Land Of The Rising Sun, in April of 2000.

In May 2002, Lillian Axe recorded a much anticipated live CD in Houston, TX to a packed house filled with fans from all over the world. In August 2002, the long awaited Live CD was released and with drummer Ken Koudelka and guitarist Sam Poitevent on board, the guys set out in support of “Lillian Axe: Live 2002.” Summer 2004 saw Lillian Axe return to Europe for the first time in nine years, playing to a rabid throng of 27,000 fans at Germany’s Bang Your Head Festival. The overwhelming European response ignited the band’s yearning to return to Europe for a more extensive tour in 2005. However, fall 2004 brought the resignation of vocalist Ron Taylor and the introduction of new vocalist Derrick LeFevre. New Year’s Eve 2004, LeFevre was introduced to the world for his first appearance as the new Lillian Axe vocalist to massive acclaim. According to Blaze, “There are very large shoes to fill with Ron leaving the band. He is a great singer and a great performer and he will be highly missed, however, Derrick is the most incredible replacement we could have found and I am thoroughly convinced that the fans will be highly impressed. The new album will take Lillian Axe into a new chapter of the band’s history, which we feel will be the most exciting yet.”

Unfortunately Hurricane Katrina hit the shores of Louisiana and devastated the New Orleans area destroying Lillian Axe’s rehearsal complex and all their equipment. Luckily, Lillian Axe had just started to record their first release with Derrick LeFevre & bassist Eric Morris and were able to save the recordings that had been started.

It took three years to finish “Waters Rising” and thankfully it was released in July 2007. Released to critical acclaim amongst their peers in the industry, Lillian Axe undertook a tour of the United States and Canada to support the release. Lillian Axe was then asked to support shock rock legend Alice Cooper on his “Psychodrama” Tour to finish out 2007. Steve Blaze was also voted by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the forty most underrated guitar players in the world.

Often regarded as underrated American metal gem, they are consummate professionals, balancing song structure & melody with a heavy edge. The most impressive aspect of this enduring group might just be their innate ability to remain relevant while never shunning their vibrant, vintage metal heritage. While being courted by several labels to release a new Lillian Axe album, the Axe weighed all their options and was most impressed with Blistering Records / ADA Distribution and signed a new deal.

In December 2008, Lillian Axe entered Sound Landing Studios in Covington, LA with co-producer and engineer, Rob Hovey, to begin recording Sad Day on Planet Earth. Fueled by an unstoppable work ethic and musical vocabulary that spans from face ripping metal to soulful, stratospheric, melodies...the tie that binds this together is their trademark blend of fist raising arena rock. By January 2009, the Axe moved their recording operations to Talent Gone Wild Studios in Mandeville, LA to continue under the guidance of co-producer / engineer Rob Hovey. Finally, on April 14, 2009, Lillian Axe completed the recording and mixing of this, their ninth album.
Fifteen songs in length, Sad Day On Planet Earth packs more dynamic diversity on one disc than many bands do in an entire career, not surprising considering the five individuals who make up Lillian Axe have spent lifetimes honing their craft to reach this point. During the recording sessions, Derrick LeFevre, Sam Poitevent, Eric Morris and Ken Koudelka pushed themselves to the proverbial limit, living in the studio, isolating themselves from family and friends, committing themselves to the physically demanding sessions that founding member & producer, Steve Blaze put the band through. Blaze recalls, “They were the most intense recording sessions we have ever undertaken, but in the long run, I feel we are much stronger as a unit for putting in all the hours.” The members of Lillian Axe rose to the occasion and created songs with hooks, texture and atmosphere. Though soft spoken in "real life," as songwriter Steve draws his inspiration from raw emotion, spirituality, what is going on in the world around him and his love of classic horror movies.

Lillian Axe’s studio performance is only one piece of the unique puzzle, as their music really explodes in their preferred habitat, the stages of the world. Whether headlining or sharing the bill with a national heavyweight such as Alice Cooper, the boys from the bayou have the presence to make any size stage their own & the musical muscle to win over any audience within an earshot! When you get down to it, Lillian Axe is a really personal experience, offering a one-on-one connection between the fans and band members. Whether you are watching them in front of 1000 people or 5000 people: Steve, Derrick, Sam, Eric and Ken will always make time to spend with their supporters. The fans are ultimately the most important aspect of the entire cycle.

“This band does not take anything for granted. With every new song you write, you have to keep winning over your own fans. I want every song to be amazing,” says lead vocalist Derrick LeFevre. Drummer, Ken Koudelka adds, “We don’t compromise the music we play because of the relationship we share with our fans.” “The initial purpose and sound of this band has not changed since the early days, we just went with the flow, keeping our integrity as Lillian Axe” adds Steve Blaze. “You don’t see us all over TV or in the music magazines because we never wanted to become something we are not” says guitarist, Sam Poitevent. And finally bass player, Eric Morris adds, “I guess as an obsessive compulsive perfectionist, I try to give our fans the best at all times as do my fellow band mates. Measure twice and cut only once.”

Lillian is back and the girl has an axe to grind……and she did in 2009. 2009 was a very eventful year for Lillian Axe. Sad Day on Planet Earth was critically acclaimed worldwide by websites, blogs, internet radio and commercial radio and in such popular magazines as Classic Rock. Lillian Axe undertook two tours of the United States and finished out 2009 once again on tour with the legendary Alice Cooper. Lillian Axe also filmed and released their first video since No Matter What from Poetic Justice, for the song Megaslowfade.
2010 will be the year of Lillian Axe. A fresh outlook, but the same approach and hard work will take Lillian Axe to that next level. Lillian Axe will be releasing their tenth album, Deep Red Shadows, on July 20 on Love & War Records distributed by Sony Music / Red Distribution as co-imprint with the legendary Mega Force Records. Deep Red Shadows will feature a guest appearance by King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor. Deep Red Shadows will be produced by Steve Blaze and mastered by Ty Tabor. The first single will be the song “47 Ways to Die”, mixed by the famous and well respected producer and engineer, Sylvia Massy. Sylvia Massy is best known for her work with the band Tool (“Undertow went 2x platinum and “Opiate” went platinum). She also has gold and platinum records with Green Jelly, Powerman 5000, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sylvia has also worked with Johnny Cash, Prince, Sevendust, The Deftones, and Seven Mary Three.

Lillian Axe will be inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame on May 16. Lillian Axe will be the first hard rock band inducted into the LAMHOF. Lillian Axe will be enshrined along with music greats Fats Domino, Buddy Guy, Louis Armstrong, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Allen Toussaint to name a few. Lillian Axe will be performing and headlining the Louisiana Music Homecoming Concert in celebration of their induction.

2010 will see Lillian Axe undertake their world tour on July 24 in Houston, TX and take them to every city, every state and every country in the world whether as a headliner or in support of a major contemporary, Lillian Axe will continue to do what they do best…..make great music and treat their fans to a most amazing one on one experience.

In 2011, Lillian Axe released the single "Take The Bullet" featuring new vocalist Brian C. Jones as they recorded their 11th album "XI: The Days Before Tomorrow".

2012 brought the release of "X!: The Days Before Tomorrow", a spot on the "America Rocks Tour" with Jack Russell's Great White, Bulletboys, Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd, a return to Rocklahoma, and a video for "Death Comes Tomorrow".

The "Live And War" EP was also released as a Digital Download and there are more tour dates to come including a European tour with shows in The Netherlands, Germany & Austria and another trip to the U.K.

Johnny Vines, Michael "Maxx" Darby, Danny King and Steve Blaze (the original members of Lillian Axe) have recorded a CD entitled "Rebirth" under the band name Circle of Light to be released 8/28/12 with a free show at their CD Release Party at the Howlin' Wolf in N.O. on 8/11/12.  With all of this activity occurring, this is a great time to be a Lillian Axe / C.O.L. fan.

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Comment by John Spillman on March 30, 2014 at 1:54pm

04/11Houma, LA The Brickhouse Tavern
04/12Jackson, MS FYE In Store Performance and Signing
04/18 Houston, TX The Concert Pub North
04/19 Dallas, TX The Red Blood Club

May 9 in Jackson, MS at Duling Hall.

07/19 Pekin, IL Goodfellas (Brian, Steve & Sam acoustic)
09/27 Melbourne, FL 80's In The Park Festival

Comment by John Spillman on September 5, 2012 at 7:50am
*8.31.12 - Kerkrade, NL - The Rock Temple

*9.1.12 - Essen, DE - Turock Open Air Festival

*9.2.12 - Vosseiar, BE - Biebob

*9.6.12 - Amsterdam, NL - Panama

*9.7.12 - Andernach, DE - Swordbrothers Festival

*9.8.12 - Lichtenfies, DE - Paunchy Cats

**9.9.12 - Prague, CZ - Exit Club

**9.11.12 - Ostrava, CZ - Barack Music Club

**9.12.12 - Budapest, HU - Club 202

**9.13.12 - Innsbruck, AT - Harly Coffee Bar

**9.14.12 - Ingolstadt, DE - Event Halle Westpark

**9.15.12 - Uster, CH - Rock City

* Support - Seven Thorns + Human Zoo

** Support - Seven Thorns Mortician
Comment by John Spillman on September 2, 2012 at 3:34pm

The latest that I've heard about the European Tour is that it is currently under way with former vocalist Derrick Lefevre filling in for Brian Jones due to a medical condition.  A fan in the Netherlands that attended Friday's show posted a comment about another show this week in Amsterdam.  I haven't been able to confirm this yet or have any details, but if you are in or near Amsterdam you may want to try to find out about this on your own.

Comment by John Spillman on August 27, 2012 at 8:00pm

Article featuring Lillian Axe in Rivethead magazine :

Comment by John Spillman on August 10, 2012 at 11:24pm

Comment by joe carson on August 6, 2012 at 11:03pm

a killer band, who as yet to get the attension they well trullaly desevre.


Comment by John Spillman on August 5, 2012 at 4:21pm

Comment by John Spillman on August 5, 2012 at 12:11pm

Comment by John Spillman on August 5, 2012 at 12:01pm


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