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In My Opinion, the two HOTTEST women are Bridgette Fonda ( She is Rich, famous, gorgeous & so  down to earth) &

That girl who does the T- Mobile ads ( there is just something about her)..

Bridgette Fonda in Lake Placid- OMFG!.  

In your opinion, who are the two hottest celebrity women ?

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She is probably a bitch, but I think Mila Kunis is hot. Thora Birch is adorable also. My go to girl used to be Angelina Jolie (especially in the movie "Gia"-that movie almost made me switch sides), but she did something to her face several years back and she looks terrible now; same thing with Rose McGowan, who I also used to think was hot. Yes-I am a straight female, but my opinion counts too, damn it!

EVERYBODY"S opinion counts in my eyes :)

We DO miss Farrah Fawcett,, in all honesty, she was the 70's version of Sharon Tate & THANK GOD she never ended up like her..



This girl scares but yet excites me :)

Megan Foxx IMO relies way too much on her looks & not enough on her acting abilities. Personally, I think there were way  better actresses for her part.Like someone that actually knew how to act.But whatever, it is what it is. I'm sure tho that the transformer movies were not supposed to be a tittie movie.

Ok, I respect everybody's opinion on this topic.But I just want to make clear that while everyone has their own opinion, big tits does not make a woman hot... I  would prefer a 2 cup with a heart of gold over a 4 cup who is a total bitch ..Just my opinion tho.

Very true, Kevin. I would like to hope most guys think like you when it comes to that!


Unfortunately, most men don't. :(.. I'm not sure how to fix that, all I can do is be honest & be honest with yourself because in the end, you have to be secure in your own body & that is what makes a woman HOT!!!..

I'm pretty comfortable with myself. If a guy doesn't like something about me, he can hit the road! I don't change for anyone (unless I am really doing something hurtful/destructive and it's something I need to change). Luckily, my husband understands and accepts that...;)

giada da larentis

carrie underwood

cynthia myers playboy january 1968 wow!!!!!!


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