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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent Dawn Osbourne checks in with the following:

This is the fourth album from this excellent aor band from Greece simply entitled '4'. If you have not heard anything from them before you will be completely surprised. There is no way on earth you would guess that they come from Greece, as the style and content of the songs could easily be from a fine aor band from England or the States in the mould of FM and the like. No sign of any accent in perfect vocals and very western in approach.

'Desperate Heart' is a strong opener with a catchy chorus. In fact it's such a perfect example of a great aor song you can't quite believe it's been written so recently. 'Summer Girl' opens with keyboards in that totally retro manner seen so rarely these days.  It's hard to pick out individual songs when they are all so consistently good with impeccable 80s styling, beautiful guitar solos and harmonies and themes of love and relationships just like the good old days. 

For those who can't get enough AOR this is a very worthwhile addition to the collection. It appears effortless and unaffected and could easily have been written thirty years ago. Those who know HMM well know that we think that is no bad thing. Songs are short, uncomplicated and uplifting even if the theme is heartbreak due to the lighthearted, clean feel and tone. The best of the 80s (and the absence of the outfits and clothes is the only clue that grunge ever happened)! Incredible that such fine aor albums with all original, quality tracks can still surface as late as 2016 and gives us hope for the future of the genre to last for years to come. 


Wild Rose - "4" OUT NOW: 
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