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What group or solo artist is a guilty pleasure you don't tell many people you like?? don't be shy

I would have to say i'm a closet abba fan i know stop laughing

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I am a huge fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd they are one of my fav bands
John Denver... he had some really good tunes, Rocky Mountain High is a classic as far as I'm concerned!

I'd say the Bee Gees.  Yep, that's right.  The Bee Gees.  Those brothers have written some fantastic songs over the years.  I also like Neil Diamond, but I'm not really ashamed to tell anybody.



Neil Diamond is cool too... he has some pretty good tunes!
i also like the statler brothers for some reason

disco and elvis and neil diamond  dont tell


i think everyone likes queen

Hahahahahahahaha I haven't heard that one in at least 10 -15 years 

dave clark 5

James the guy.  Wife & I have seen him five times over the years.  Fantastic in concert.  So entertaining, humble and funny as hell telling stories between songs.

andy gibb and shaun cassidy please dont tell anyone it might ruin my rep lol ; )


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