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Many bands are doing "remakes" of old songs. In your opinion, what are the best "remakes" you've seen?

Personally, I love the "Bad Company" remake done by Five Finger Death Punch, "Enjoy the Silence" redone by Lacuna Coil, and "Careless Whisper" redone by Seether. I didn't care for that song back then but Seether makes it much more ear friendly!

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Metallica - Garage Inc.

"Free Speech for the Dumb" by
Discharge (1982)

"It's Electric" by
Diamond Head (1980)

"Sabbra Cadabra" by
Black Sabbath (1973)

"Turn the Page" by
Bob Seger (1973)

"Die, Die, My Darling" by
Glenn Danzig
Misfits (1984)

"Loverman" by
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1994)

"Mercyful Fate" (a medley of the songs "Satan's Fall", "Curse of the Pharaohs", "A Corpse Without Soul", "Into the Coven", and "Evil") by
King Diamond, Hank Shermann
Mercyful Fate (1982, 1983)

"Astronomy" by
Blue Öyster Cult (1974)

"Whiskey in the Jar" by
Thin Lizzy(1973)

"Tuesday's Gone"by
Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973)

"The More I See" by
Discharge (1984)

"Helpless" by
Diamond Head (1980)

"The Small Hours" by
Holocaust (1983)

"The Wait" by
Killing Joke (1980)

"Crash Course in Brain Surgery" by
Budgie (1971)

"Last Caress/Green Hell" by
Glenn Danzig
Misfits (1978/1983)

"Am I Evil?" by
Diamond Head (1980)

"Blitzkrieg" by
Blitzkrieg (1981)

"Breadfan" by
Budgie (1973)

"The Prince" by
Diamond Head (1980)

"Stone Cold Crazy" by
Queen (1974)

"So What?" by
Anti-Nowhere League (1981)

"Killing Time" by
Sweet Savage (1981)

"Damage Case"
"Stone Dead Forever"
"Too Late Too Late" by
Motörhead (1979)


I like all the covers on disc 2 of Garage Inc.

Songs On Page 39 !!!

Leatherwolf - "Bad Moon Rising" by (Creedence Clearwater Revival)(CCR)
Always like this band & good cover

Lillian Axe

"My Number" by (Girl)
"No Matter What" by (Badfinger)


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