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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

Welcome to the Freakshow is the newly revived project of Jeff Labar of Cinderella and Markus Allen Christopher of Miss Crazy featuring reworked songs from their Freakshow album in 2009 which could not be properly released for legal reasons. Harder than Cinderella for the most part, if you love bands like Kix, WASP, Dangerous Toys and Velvet Revolver at their heaviest then this is likely to be for you. 

The album takes a lot of great things from the metal from the eighties and at times the seventies, but couples them with a heavier bassline and a darker aesthetic to give the material a modern kick.

'Welcome to the Freakshow' the opener has an insistent driving momentum, the lyrics and themes are modern in tone, but blistening guitar breaking through shows the heart of the music lies decades ago. 'Everyone' has a chorus 'Everyone, Everybody' just made for the stage; the driving bassline redolent of classic Cinderella. ''Mistreat me' is like a heavier version of a Led Zeppelin song with definite plant like tones in the vocals although it's faster and harder than anything Led Zep ever did.  'The Way you Love me' has an infectious unpredictable chorus. It has an urgent energy like a hard on, the very opposite of jaded and tired. The record contains some of the finest pieces of sleaze metal heard in a long time. Is Jeff Labarr bringing sexy back? Well you know how the girls love those self confessed bad boys. "You who wins' has a chorus whose cup floods over with testosterone. 'I want Love' has the raw sexuality of a Runaways song, primal and demanding with one of the best intros to a song, with a piercing war cry, for a full assault on all the senses. None of this is for the faint hearted. Come along only if you wanna go all the way..

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Welcome To The Freakshow is:

Markus Allen Christopher - lead vocals/bass

Jeff Labar - lead guitar

Eric Morrison - rhythm guitar

Tom Frost - drums

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