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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
In celebration of the band’s 25th birthday ‘Reach’ was  recorded at legendary Rockfield studios in Wales and  Tyketto are back with another great album. Despite personal tragedy meaning  cancellation of accompanying touring plans the band have given us one hell of an anniversary gift.  As would be expected after so many years of diligence to their craft the result is high quality and diverse.. 
Title track ‘Reach’ is not only a highly commercial rock song with an impossibly good hook with ‘you will see me home again’, but it’s a beautiful yin/yan structured love song about the mutual support of a long term relationship. ‘Big Money’, in more of a funk metal style, tackles the highly pertinent topic of the need to take on big corporation/governmental corruption before it’s too late for our planet, calling for a revolution in priorities, no less than that! It contains a rousing riff in the chorus designed to wake us up..if we don’t listen it’s not like they didn’t try! ‘Kick Like a Mule’ is a pithy fast rock n roller about the less than permanent brand of love of the road. ‘Circle the wagons’ has a slower melodic almost country mood and very poignantly, at the moment, is about shutting out the rest of the world and concentrating on what's important in close relationships when crisis strikes. ‘Letting go’ is a ballad about acceptance of things that cannot be changed and has a great melody and beautiful acoustic touches. The other ballad on the album ‘Scream’ has just as great a melody and is a showcase for Vaughn's still hugely impressive voice and a chance for the electric guitar solo to shine. ‘I Need it Now’ is about the elusiveness of success, highly commercial yet soulful and along with most of the second half of the album ‘Tearing Down the Sky’, ‘The Fastest Man Alive’, 'Remember My Name’  and the slightly funky  ‘Sparks Will Fly’ reflects the indomitable and still very much youthful spirit of this band defying time and fashion to stand up for the kind of music they believe in.  
Real musicians, real songs, yes really!!! 
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