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Twisted Sister Singer Dee Snider Talks Celebrity Apprentice

TWISTED SISTER singer Dee Snider spoke with Andy Greene from Rolling Stone about his participation in Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice which returns February 12 for its fifth installment. Here are a few excerpts from the chat: 

Rolling Stone: If you look at a lot of rock stars from your era with a similar level of success as yourself, very few of them have managed to stay in the spotlight quite like you have. 

Snider: "This show is going to take it to another level. Now that I've patted myself on the back, I will balance it out by saying that I wish it was by design. But it was 90 percent desperation. It's waking up in '92 or '93 flat on my back broke and going, 'What the fuck now?' I was just saying, 'Reinvent, reinvent, reinvent…'" 

Rolling Stone: A lot of people in that position just start playing their hits in clubs over and over. 

Snider: "That runs you into the ground, instead of building you up. Twisted Sister plays 20, 25 shows a year. But if the band had their druthers, they'd be out playing all the time. What that does is lessen your value. We go out and headline the biggest festivals, and everywhere we go we're high on the bill. Some band sold more records than us in the eighties, but they've been out 20 times recently and nobody's seen us in five years or so." 

Rolling Stone: You've been on lots of reality shows. What was different about the Celebrity Apprentice? 

Snider: "It's different than any other one. It's really all about the win. There is no social element to it. I mean, you're certainly with people and you have camaraderie and relationships going on, but it's purely fueled by the work and it's all about taking you out of your comfort zone. Some of the reality shows I've done have been about filming you in your comfort zone – this is about keeping you away." 

Read the entire interview here

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