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Trixter are back and producing music better than their early 90's debut album. They are a band with a reputation for having the looks, the moves, the technical skills, the number one videos on MTV, the record company support and yet failing to leave behind a song with the staying power of say Autograph’s Turn Up the Radio. So you might say there’s some unfinished business. This new album continues the quest and is a step in the right direction.

The album is full of party anthems and songs designed to get the girls. Songs such as ‘Crash The Party’ about ‘a son of a bitch in his leather and snake skin boots and ‘Living for the Good Times’ make it obvious that the band has not forgotten that it’s all about the music and the girls. In other words the band’s agenda has not changed. That’s actually rare after all this time and since it’s done with attitude and authenticity, they definitely pull it off. This is the late 80s hair band giving you - just that. Trixter still do what it says on the tin. In other words if that’s what you want, they will not disappoint. If it were not for lyrics e.g. about a girl dazzling on a computer screen these songs could have been put in the can thirty years ago. Having said that the band’s song writing has undoubtedly improved and those that complained that Trixter were more style than substance might need to have another look.

The album does take a few listens and there’s the odd lyric that’s so bad it’s probably good, e.g. ‘her husband’s a tool and he treats her cruel’, but if you put in the effort it’s a rewarding release. Opening with ‘Rockin to the Edge of the Night’ the band proclaims that singing and dancing is what they’re living for and it’s a great song for evoking the fun of a live performance,( as are songs like ‘For you later on the album’). Followed by ‘Crash That Party’ hi energy fun and after a few listens one of the best songs on the album.

People liked this kind of music because it was mindless fun and this totally captures the fun of getting loaded and going out to a house party in a time before smart phones. The heart throb songs about the girls, still with some of that innocence of the early eighties pre Crue, are songs about love and relationships rather than sex. ‘All Night Long’ ‘Not like all the rest’, ‘Beats me Up’, ‘Soul of a Loving Man’ and ‘Midnight in Your Eyes’ are a string of good quality ballads/soft rock songs, a must on every album of this type. ‘Every Second Counts’ about time being precious and making the most of everything in life and the songs ‘Human Era’ are perhaps the only hint that this is a band in its mature years .

However as the lyrics of ‘Human Era’ proclaim Trixter are ‘so not jaded’. Let’s face it to release an album like this in 2015 you need belief, passion and a determination never to give up and maybe that’s all you ultimately need. They still don’t have their ‘Don’t Stop believin’ but since they have just the ethos of that song, maybe it’s on its way.. Still with all original members, Trixter have returned with just as much energy and a determination to have as much fun as the first time, if not more. This is a band still up for it in every possible way. The band say they made the album so they could get back out on the road. If you want it this release will take you right back to mid eighties on the Sunset Trip. Time travel for ten dollars, what’s not to like? 8/10

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This is just a matter of personal opinion of course, but I thought their previous release, "New Audio Machine" was a much stronger album than this new one.

Frontiers records seems to be pushing their artists toward a lighter, more melodic sound; and you can definitely hear that influence on this album. The

lyrics may scream, "party party party", but the music is a little too light and sing-songy to stand up to those lyrics.

As for Trixter not having that long-enduring anthem, I think they could have if they hadn't been so late to the party. Remember, their first album didn't

come out until mid 1990. sure, they were huge for about eight months, but by the time they were recording their second album, hair metal was already being

pushed out of the mainstream. Imagine what could have been for Trixter if they had completed and released those recordings they were doing back in '88. they

would have had two whole extra years to engrain themselves in the collective hair metal conscience.


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