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For the past couple weeks, the Hair Metal Mansion staff (Mary, Tatia & I), have each been working on a list, ranking our top 20 favorite power ballads of all time. After countless changes, lol, we are finally ready to present them to you! Check out our lists, discuss, and then feel free to rank YOUR favorite power ballads as well! Come on, every rocker has a softer side, whether they would like to admit it or not!

~ Mary ~ 

1. Cinderella - "Heartbreak Station" 
2. Danger Danger - "Killin' Love"
3. FarCry - "Heaven"
4. Richie Sambora - "One Light Burning"
5. Foreigner - "I Want To Know What Love Is"
6. Bad English - "When I See You Smile"
7. Bon Jovi - "I'll Be There For You"
8. Aerosmith - "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing"
9. Great White - "Save Your Love"
10. Journey - "Faithfully"
11. Dokken - "Alone Again"
12. Kix - "Don't Close Your Eyes"
13. Blue Tears - "With You Tonight"
14. Bon Jovi - "Always"
15. Aerosmith - "Fly Away From Here"
16. Whitesnake - "Is This Love"
17. Dokken - "Walk Away"
18. Firehouse - "When I Look Into Your Eyes"
19. XYZ - "What Keeps Me Loving You"
20. Mr. Big - "Just Take My Heart"

~ Tatia ~

1. Bon Jovi - "I'll Be There For You"
2. Alice Cooper - "Poison"
3. Lita Ford & Ozzy - "Close My Eyes Forever"
4. Motley Crue - "Home Sweet Home"
5. Guns N' Roses - "Don't Cry"
6. Aerosmith - "Amazing"
7. Skid Row - "I Remember You"
8. Scorpions - "Still Loving You"
9. Firehouse - "Love Of A Lifetime"
10. Deep Purple - "Love Conquers All"
11. Giant - "I'll See You In My Dreams"
12. Poison - "Something To Believe In"
13. Bad English - "When I See You Smile"
14. Danger Danger - "I Still Think About You"
15. Saigon Kick - "Love Is On The Way"
16. Journey - "Open Arms"
17. Tyketto - "Standing Alone"
18. Heart - "Alone"
19. Warrant - "Sometimes She Cries"
20. Tesla - "Love Song"

~ Andrew ~ 

1. Skid Row - "I Remember You"
2. Winger - "Miles Away"
3. Steelheart - "I'll Never Let You Go"
4. Danger Danger - "I Still Think About You"
5. Cinderella - "Through The Rain"
6. W.A.S.P. - "Hold On To My Heart"
7. Warrant - "I Saw Red"
8. L.A. Guns - "The Ballad Of Jayne"
9. XYZ - "When I Find Love"
10. Whitesnake - "Is This Love"
11. Poison - "I Won't Forget You"
12. Firehouse - "When I Look Into Your Eyes"
13. House Of Lords - "Love Don't Lie"
14. Ratt - "Givin' Yourself Away"
15. Strangeways - "Love Lies Dying"
16. Von Groove - "Once In A Lifetime"
17. Motley Crue - "Without You"
18. Alias - "More Than Words Can Say"
19. Heavy Bones - "Turn It On"
20. Great White - "House Of Broken Love" 

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I'll give you that Alias had a ballad....but there sure wasn't any POWER to it. How about "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" or "Don't Know What You've Got (Until It's Gone)"? You could have done the top 50 and not covered all the songs that came out of era. Interested to know the ages of the three of you and see how it impacted your lists? Living through it versus discovering it after the fact. Would be neat to see your perspectives.
Andrew's List the best
And just so everyone knows, we didn't rank them on "popularity", like it's not necessarily the most popular/well known ballads, it's just which ones we like best.. our personal favorites. Thought it would be more fun and interesting to do it this way!

Also, there are so many left out, I know! We easily could have done a lot longer list....
Awesome songs selected Andrew, Mary & Tatia. :)
What?? No Scorpions?? Great lists though....
Tatia, you nailed it good with #2,3, and 4 on your list-LOVE them songs!!

Have a great week everyone!

there is Scorpions on my list Dave hehe ...
you all have killer lists Andrew and Mary :D
Thanks Mary :D.... so Mary how many times did you change your mind ??? hehehe anything like me it would have been dozens of times hahaha ;)
hahaha he wishes I hurried .. i couldnt bear it so i changed it like at least 20 times lmao ok maybe not but a lot :D lmao there is so many I missed out on and the more i thought the more I thought of and the harder it got but it was way fun :D
Some really cool choices in there. It's good to see some of the lesser known songs in there by bands like Strangeways, Saigon Kick, Giant, Von Groove and Blue Tears.
I might try and put a list together of my favorites.
Have fun with that Tim ... its hard .. lol.. Look forward to seeing your list :D
1)crystal eyes LA GUNS 2)hold the dream FIREHOUSE 3)one way ticket LA GUNS 4)holiday SCORPIONS 5)in a darkened room SKID ROW 6)being there TORA TORA 7)the price TWISTED SISTER 8)what you give TESLA 9)edie(ciao baby) THE CULT 10)soul bleed DAMAGEPLAN 11)bringin on the heartbreak DEF LEPPARD 12)alone again DOKKEN 13)save your love GREAT WHITE 14)angel JUDAS PRIEST 15)screaming in the night KROKUS 16)through these eyes LYNCH MOB 17)danger MOTLEY CRUE 18)closer to my heart RATT 19)as long as its not about love DIO 20)blackened waters BLACK LABEL SOCIETY HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE MY PICKS KINDA TOUGH TO PICK TWENTY


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