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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
Tokyo Motor Fist, self titled, Frontiers
Despite the Japanese reference this is in fact a collaboration between Ted Poley, singer of Danger Danger and guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter, Greg Smith (Ted Nugent, Rainbow, Alice Cooper) and Chuck Burgi (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult and Joe Lynn Turner). Out on the Frontiers label it is not surprising with all that pedigree that this is a wonderful slice of mature adult oriented rock which fits easily into a collection of a die hard 80s classic rock fan. How bands like this keep knocking it out of the park without a hint of déjà vu we just don’t know, but that’s all part of the magic. 
‘Picking up the Pieces’ and ‘Love Me insane” are  good openers, great singalong joyful material and although they’re about relationship difficulties the outlook and musical phrasing are so upbeat they bring a smile to the face instantly. However, when we get onto ‘Shameless’ the ante is upped again with a totally infectious chorus which we think we must have heard before, but we just know we haven’t. ‘Love’ goes down smoother than caramel down the throat. Like most great songs, simple and beautiful it has a fantastically positive message that we just loved. “Black and Blue’ and ‘You’re my Revolution’  are up tempo numbers  about human relationships and in this world of social media and computer interaction we’re lovin the human touch. “Don’t let me go’ is a big ballad in the grand style with some nice delicate guitar work. ‘Put Me to Shame’ is an old Skool rock out in the style of bands like King Kobra. ‘Done to Me’ has a definite Def Leppard vibe but it’s crossed with a Tyketto style ear for melody which means it never gets obvious. ‘Get You off My Mind’ is super polished like a good Nightranger song. It’s verging on pop, but since it’s as smooth as a baby’s behind we hardly notice. ‘Fallin Apart’ is a rockier closer. This is music written for guitarists to  pirouette across the stage in the grand showmanship we took so much for granted a few decades ago. Don’t be surprised if Ted jumps for joy!
The art of this record  is to become one of your favourite albums, just like that!  Instantly accessible, full of feel good factor and a real winner, don’t miss this one! 
Dawn Osborne

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