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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

'Blast' is a new album released by the latest version of Tigertailz including original member Jay Pepper with new members (for example Rob Wylde formerly of Teenage Casket company). 'Lost Reelz', however, is a collection of previously unreleased stuff including old demos featuring former members (such as the sadly departed Pepsi Tate) and one new song 'FnA' referring to their record label (which also appears on 'Blast').

Dealing with 'Blast' first: 'Just for one night' is a catchy rock pop number complete with plenty of whammy that reminds of vintage Tigertailz with sweet talkin lyrics that say 'Pretty Boy Floyd'. Next up is a great track called 'All the girls in the world' which is vintage glam from the UK as if PC never happened! (Did it? Lol) 'Pipped it Popped it' was put forward for the Eurovision Song Contest and, although it didn't make it to the competition, is a decent enough lightweight pop rock song. 'Bop Bop you' is a down to brass tacks declaration of love and interest in pursuit of human relations, a modern love song? 'In the Arms of Mary' is more of a traditional Tigertailz ballad which reminded us a bit of 'Fall in Love again' and had a touch of Tyketto about it. 'Bloodsuckers' ups the tempo and has a great chant like chorus and the verse vocals are very like early vocals from this band in tone and sound. 'Dynamite' comes straight from early 70s British Glam Rock and was a great mix of Sweet, Mud and all things super glittery. 'Bring it on' is a more straightforward and heavier rocker. 'Crime against Rock n Roll' is more American in influence and a Southern blues number, relatively speaking, at least for this band.  'God's Country' is a song about Wales where the band are from and is more of a trip down towards more traditional Tigertailz rock fare. 'Cheap Talk' has the immortal line 'but if you weren't so pretty, I wouldn't waste my time talking to you' and is redolent of D'Molls and Poison. 'FnA' 'is a fun track and a good finale! 

Onto 'Lost Reelz', while we agree with the billing for this album that these demos are good quality, many of them do seem unfinished to our ears and a fair few are different in style to the Tigertailz we know and love. Be warned this is not a rap or dance free zone. There are eighteen tracks, too many to go through individually. Highlights include inventive use of Indian and Japanese sampling which is really quite original, 'Daggers' which reminded us a bit of something Alice Cooper might do about a dead girl who seems to still be hanging around and a great version of their classic ballad 'Fall in Love Again'

Tigertailz were in general all about having fun and we are pleased to say this has not changed with 'Blast' and if you were just gonna buy one of these we'd say get that. If you're a real fan don't hold back, get both! 

Dawn Osborne

Blast 7/10
Lost Reelz, 6/10

Courtesy of Hair Metal Mansion, 

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