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THE DEAD DAISIES - Make Some Noise - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
Doug Aldrich is a great addition to the Daisies and they have come back strongly again with this 70s influenced  third album.
‘Long way to go’ is a great rockin road number reminding us of the great retro album by Contraband released in 1991, however looking a little deeper, the intelligent  lyrics concern the modern and pertinent question of the mess the human race is in.  John Corabi has lost none of the whisky laden maturity in his vocals in evidence on ‘We all Fall Down’ in spades which also has a great guitar solo. ‘Song and a Prayer’ is a great storyteller about misfortune and hope with a rousing guitar entry. ‘Mainline’ has a fast driving pace and is the most metal track on the album. ‘Make Some Noise’ is strongly influenced by the powerful playing of Marco Mendoza and like the songs of Kiss has the crowd-pleasing combination of a chanting style chorus and dominant and primal, animalistic, hip swinging, heart pounding beat. ‘Fortunate Son’ , a Creedance Clearwater Revival cover is a Southern rocker,  traditional sounding with a Skynyrd-Style solo. ‘Last Time I saw the Sun’ follows on seamlessly in style such is the Daisies retro sound. ‘Mine all Mine’ is a working man’s song about protecting what you’ve earned. On ‘How Does it Feel’ you can hear influences from the Beatles that Corabi loves so much. ‘Freedom’ is another biker style road song about speed and distance with some great shredding mid song. ‘All the Same’ is a contagiously good stomp about the contradictions and ironies of love.   Echoed by the  similarly stomp-like feel of the cover of ‘Join Together’ by the Who rocked up Daisies Style. The band have really thought  about the flow and balance of the album which works really well. 
The Daisies are all about reinterpretation not innovation, but they are undoubtedly  good at what they do! 
Dawn Osborne
Courtesy of Hair Metal Mansion,

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