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SUNSTORM - Edge Of Tomorrow - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

He may not have taken part in the recent Rainbow gigs, but Joe Lynn Turner has managed to release a Sun-storming album on Frontiers instead, the fourth in the series albeit with new members. 

As you'd expect from Joe it's melodic hard rock and as you'd expect from Frontiers it's very commercial AOR. 'Don't walk away from goodbye' is a good strong opener, plenty of energy, widdly widdly guitar and good strong vocals. 'Edge of Tomorrow' the title track is perhaps the best track on the album with the chorus allowing Joe to demonstrate he still packs a powerful set of pipes. Essentially anything he sings is likely to be elevated to a certain class of professional, but backed with the Frontiers endorsed songwriting team it's almost impossible for them to go wrong. Quality is consistent across the album for every track through to the end.  No turkeys. The whole album's full of good guitar, great singing and well put together songs. 

Whilst it's not super distinctive in that you couldn't hear one track and known 'that's Sunstorm' just from the sound or hear a track and exclaim 'that's changed the face of rock' it is a very good album in its class and Joe's fans, and fans of all good aor should be smilin' upon purchase on that account. There's no risk taking here, but that also means the album's a safe purchase for your hard earned pennies. 

Dawn Osborne


Photo: Joe Schaeffer Photography

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