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Just post songs with insects,animals,(Mythology animals),or any form of creature besides a human...




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Her Monkey ~ Cats In Boots

Rat Race ~ Child's Play

Lone Wolf ~ Havana Black

Don't Dog Me ~ Raging Slab

Barracuda- Heart

Black Dog- Led Zeppelin

Big Dogs Gonna Howl, Hair Of The Dog -Nazareth

Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent

Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)- WASP

Of Wolf And Man- Metallica

Snakes Of Christ- Danzig

War Pigs- Black Sabbath

Rattlesnake Shake,The Animal In Me- Motley Crue

Black Widow ~ Mötley Crüe

Monkey Business ~ Skid Row

Fast As A Shark ~ Accept

Dogs On Leads ~ Accept

Battering Ram- Black Label Society

Generation Swine- Motley Crue

Thrill My Gorilla- Alice Cooper

Creatures Of The Night- KISS

Scratch Like A Cat ~ Spread Eagle

Dragon Lady ~ Crimson Glory

Red Sharks ~ Crimson Glory

Lord Of The Flies ~ Lizzy Borden


Where Dragons Rule ~ Crimson Glory

Killer Wolf ~ Danzig

Vultures In The Sky ~ Detente

Stardog Champion ~ Mother Love Bone

Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor

Fly Like An Eagle- Steve Miller Band

Fox On The Run- Sweet

Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynrd


Bears ~ Zebra

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver ~ Primus

Tommy The Cat ~ Primus


Horse Called War- Black Label Society

Junkyard Dog - Winger

Let Me Be Your Dog- Nazareth

Like A Bird-  Black Label Society



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