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I had such a blast seeing and meeting Slaughter on September 5th in golden, Colorado.  Mark, Jeff, and Dana were so friendly (Zoltan did not attend the MnG) and we chatted a bit.  I told the guys I was at there show at Red Rocks in 1990.

The show was excellent! Zoltan is an animal on the drums, I mean WOW, the guy is AWESOME!

Mark sounded great and at one point jumped off the stage and came through the audience, very cool.  Dana has always been so much fun to watch live, wonderful bass player and Jeff was excellent.   Wolfpack Productions put on the show, they are such a wonderful group of people!

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I can attest...saw them in mid August at a tiny festival in Watertown, WI (roughly between Madison & Milwaukee) and they absolutely brung it!


Yes, Zoltan...we caught ourselves just watching him for nearly a whole song...he is crazy back there.  And Mark did jump off the stage and sang Eye To Eye while walking through the crowd, taking pics & slapping hands...outstanding.


Would love to see them back in Wisconsin next summer.

I wouldn't hesitate to see them again!   This was such a fun show! 

Just now seen this post, very cool! Thanks for checking in Rob \m/

kick ass man, didn't know they were there or I woulda been there too


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