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"Sister Mary" Pamela Moore - "The Sky Is Falling" Track Streaming Online

Known by millions as Sister Mary for her role in QUEENSRŸCHE's platinum selling Operation Mindcrime, PAMELA MOORE’s Resurrect Me is a full-length offering that combines the best elements of heavy metal music, both past and present.

Featuring Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE), Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Brooke Lizotte (JENNIFER HUDSON, LEONA LEWIS), and popular Chicago based metal guitarist Michael Posch, Resurrect Me brings an uncompromising wall of sound while showcasing Pamela’s three and a half octave range and melodic vocal arrangements.

Four years in the making, Resurrect Me is a well-polished powerful 10-track album that stands on its own against anything in today’s metal marketplace. Official release date is set for Tuesday, May 14th via Rat Pak Records.


'Melt Into You'
'We Are Damaged'
'Resurrect Me'
'The Sky Is Falling'
'Breaking Down'
'Desperate By Design'
'Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)'

Listen to 'The Sky Is Falling', streaming here.

Check out an audio/video teaser below:

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