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SHOTGUN - Live Down Decadencia Drive - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

Shotgun Messiah were an awesomely cool Swedish metal band from the late 80s who established themselves in the States and sold 490000 copies of their first self titled album in the USA alone. This release is a live album set in Gothenburg comprising all the songs with vocals (i.e. not including the short instrumental) from the first album (originally released under the band name Kingpin and the album name 'Welcome to Bop City' and later re-released under the band name Shotgun Messiah and self titled). That means eight tracks in total, all from the first studio release, albeit not played in the same order as the original studio album.

Shotgun comprises two original members of Shotgun Messiah vocalist Zinny J Zan and drummer Stixx together with help from Chris Laney and Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) who perform the songs as Shotgun (half of Shotgun Messiah geddit). Shotgun originally got together in 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Kingpin release. JK Knox original Kingpin singer and writer sings on this live album on the last song 'Don't Care About Nothin'. The band's press release says they are aware from requests that their fans in Europe, Latin America and Asia didn't get to hear the songs live and this short eight track album is aimed at satisfying this gap.

So this is an album aimed at existing fans of the band, but it could very well be in danger of getting the band brand new fans in this, the fifth reincarnation of this band (if you count the Kingpin era). The release is full of attitude kicking off with 'We are Shotgun..Fuck yeah! ' Lyrics have been updated eg from 'my kingpin's bitchin' to 'my shotgun's bitchin' but there's the same monster riffs, screaming vocals, catchy chorus' and in your face attitude. It still sounds very much like the original recording in pace and tone. What we are struck with mostly is how relevant all of the music still sounds, not tired or dated, but still full of spit in your eye firecrackin' spunk. Zinny points out Kingpin/Shotgun Messiah were, for example, the first metal band to put out material containing rap influence and the fact that the material has dated so well is testament to just how forward thinking the band always were. Full of blistering metal guitar and falsetto on the one hand and pop punk sensibility on the other this release ticks all the boxes as a nostalgia trip, but is also a release for the here and now.

Dawn Osborne


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