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I had the ultimate pleasure of being on the Ultimate Rock 'N Roll vacation a few weeks ago on the ShipRocked Cruise 2010 to the Bahamas!!!! 

What better way to start a vacation than by getting to hear Drowning Pool rock on the Pool Deck as were getting ready to leave port in Ft. Lauderdale, and while they ROCKED!!! they were followed by Black Stone Cherry on deck who turned it all the way OUT!!!!!! Tesla was the night's MAIN EVENT in the concert hall and the guys have not lost their touch...they sounded and performed as GREAT as they ever did and never missed a beat!!!!! Not to mention that each of the band members of all 3 of the aforementioned bands were very jovial, down to earth and outright appreciative of their cool is that? 

The next day found us stuck onboard ALL day unable to be tendered to Coco Cay due to inclement weather but HEY!! with all the artists mingling onboard I don't think a single passenger minded at all. I know I didn't. I saw Lynam for the first time & man did they put on a helluva show!!! Would definitely love to see them in concert!!! Cinderella played to a PACKED concert hall and they were AWESOME!!!! They played to the crowd with such emotion. 

The ShipRocked staff were great and tried to be accomodating for all the shows that had to be cancelled on the Pool Deck. The only 2 bands I did not get to see were 10 Years & Aranda, but I heard they rocked as well. Sevendust finally got to play on the Pool Deck as were leaving Nassau & I would've loved to have seen the other cruise ships' passengers faces when LJ started belting out 'Enemy'!!!!!! Vince Neil headlined the last night out & to put it simply, Zoltan Chaney-drummer...IS A FREAKIN' BEAST!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe the things he can do with a kit!!! 

This has been 1 of the greatest experiences of my life to this point and I plan on going on next years cruise & cannot wait to see the line-up. To sum it up the cruise ship was like a huge back-stage party, it was nothing to see any number of artists mixing, talking, eating and interracting with the passengers...US their fans! Thanks a million to ALL of the artists & to those on the ShipRocked's to many more cruises and good times on the high seas!!!!

I will be posting pics from the cruise separately.......ROCK ON!!!!! Mick Saunders---WV


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Awesome report Michelle, sounds like you had an absolute blast to say the least!! That is too cool that you got to meet Jeff LaBar too! Definitely the ultimate rock n' roll vacation.... Thanks for sharing with us!
Hi Mick ! I too was on Shiprocked for the second year and DAMN ! was it a BLAST !!!! I think all of my friends are all tired of hearing about it by now LOL ! But ...I do have to say I have never had a better time in my life before this !!! seriously folks! when you go to a concert always leave all pumped up and then the high comes down...well... you are on a Friggen high for DAYS my friends !!! and to be around your most favorite artist's is like UNREAL !!! and yes they do all mill around just like we all do ! I have to say Skid Row was by far
"The Most Fun " band ever !!! they even had theiir own little corner on the ship where they all partied till sunup !!! NOT KIDDING !!!

Hey Pam!!!! Wow we should hook up next time in 2011!! Are you going? I cannot wait for the Pre-sale on 12/20....we are making this an annual event, my friends and I! and you are sooooooo right!! A constant high music all day & all night, it was unreal!!!! Hope to see ya next year!!!



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