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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent Joe Schaeffer checks in:

Richie Kotzen is currently touring in support of his latest release Salting Earth. The CD was officially released on April 14th. (Available here: He also performed several new songs off the album in concert. His performance was fantastic as he captivated the audience with his unique guitar playing and outstanding melodic vocal style.


Kotzen's playing is well known, more widely now due to the breakout success of the Winery Dogs, but among guitarists he's been an icon since his 1990 Fever Dream debut recording. What many didn't know until the Winery Dogs is that he's an equally impressive singer and front man. Fronting the power trio of either his solo band or the Winery Dogs is a perfect vehicle that puts him where his entire career seems to have been aiming. His hook-filled, genre-bending songwriting and powerhouse soulful vocals are a treat to hear live.


For the past seven years, Richie’s band has included Dylan Wilson on Bass and Mike Bennett on Drums. The fact that Richie, Dylan and Mike have been playing together for almost seven years is very evident. They are solid in their performance and compliment Richie’s style of playing flawlessly.


Overall, it was a stellar performance, by one of the best guitar players I've ever seen. His unique techniques and style made for a very entertaining show.    


Apr. 22nd, 2017
End of Earth



Angry Boy


Your Entertainer

My Rock

Cannon Ball


Doin' What the Devil Says to Do

What Is

Drum Solo


Help Me

This is Life


Till You Put Me Down

You Can't Save Me

A video of “Thunder” can be found here:

You can find my Photo Album from the show here:


The Official Website is located here:

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