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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
This, the Fourth album from Reckless Love, has the Roman numerals IV cunningly hidden in the title InVader and it is truly as invasive as the title suggests. Reckless Love are truly the heirs to Poison when it comes to good time, pretty boy, glam metal and, all power to them, they have little competition for that crown at present which makes it no less valuable. Pepe Reckless, the guitarist, does most of the songwriting and he really is a budding Desmond Child when it comes to infectious memorable chart aspirational rock! 

'We are the Weekend' taps into that TGIF feeling and kicks off with the 'Nothin but a good time' attitude that this band carries off so well. 'Hands' is the perfect song for encouraging an audience to react at a gig and this band are strong live proving up close and personal that they are not just pretty faces. 'Hands' has an insistent beat and energy and is heavier than the opener with a mammoth shredding solo and 'hey hey hey hey' chant designed for audience participation. But then things get serious. Deliciously naughty, 'Monster' indeed has a monster riff and captures perfectly the horror zeitgeist and uber faux appearance of rock chicks in the mould of Pandora Peroxide beloved of the Ray Zell Kerrang comic strip and knocks it out of the park on suggestive brilliance alone!!..It has the perfect simplicity of the best rock dance floor fillers. Pure genius!! 
 'Child of the Sun' by contrast would not be out of place in any Europop environment. All about sex, sun and sand, whilst it's too light ordinarily for the taste of most of the rock fraternity, frankly after 'Monster' we can forgive them anything. Pepe is such a perfect songwriter for Olli Herman who we can just imaging gyrating his hips in his trade mark way to the slightly Caribbean rhythms of the song. A lot of Scandinavian metallers love the Swedish pop band Roxette and this song is designed to take them out of genre just as willingly. In fact, their willingness of Reckless Love to push the boundaries genre-wise with their fans (while being careful to keep metal guitar or the whammy bar there in even the poppiest of numbers) shows a new found confidence. "Scandinavian Girls' is also very Eurovision Song Contest, but let's face it we all love a good time and songs like 'Let's Get Cracking' show these guys are just smiling, light hearted, but full-on embodiments of a party on a stick. 

The band have experimented more than hitherto on this album and in 'Rockit' try a bit of rap, but with the subject matter being the hair metal scene, and using a chugging riff to keep the rock vibe with a pop chorus,  it's at least three genres in one! 

'Pretty Boy Swagger' is all about that impact of looking simply sensational and rendering people completely defenceless thereby, reminding us that not only do this band deliver musically, but they deliver on image, making them pretty much the quintessential metal 'boy band'. Hey it didn't do Guns n Roses that much harm when they started! Songs like 'Destiny' and 'Keep it up All Night' show that being unafraid to talk of romance and sex Reckless Love are cornering a market that a lot of bands are afraid to enter right now, exploited very successfully by David Coverdale who laughed all the way to the bank on that one. Sorry, but despite the nineties, love and sex sells! Riding the glam gig like a boss, Reckless Love keep it's flame alight! 
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