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PUNKY MEADOWS - Fallen Angel - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
They don't get much more old Skool than Punky Meadows former guitarist with 70s glam rock band Angel. Having been in retirement for 13 years and with no new music for 35 years he has returned with this solo album. Self confessedly not a metal album, it is most certainly retro and rock and guitar based, however we loved the diversity within the album showing that Punky listens to many types of music and is unafraid to incorporate influences other than metal and rock in his new work. With 15 tracks there's plenty of room for light and shade. 

Despite the long retirement, first song 'The Price You Pay' show that Punky has not lost any of his guitar playing skill and contains some beautiful playing with real sensitivity and feeling and so we suspect that he probably played guitar every day, even if not professionally, during the break. A lot of the songs are about relationships and complicated love lives so pretty easy to relate to and pretty down to earth.. (Even if the intro 'Descent' which casts Punky in the role of pre ordained gift from God or at least another world is a nod to a less than grounded approach.) 

Strong moments include 'Lost and Lonely' and 'Home Wrecker', melodic rockers and ballads like 'Leavin Tonight' where Punky gets to show off his guitar talent in solo form. However, our favourite moments and what makes this album different is when Punky melts various influences such as 'Shadowman' whose roots are pure glam, but which are elevated by Hendrix influences and  harmonised bursts of powerful soul singing in the background.. which really works! See also catchy 'Summertime Love' contains country and western and some Spanish sounding influences..

So not for hard core metallers, but this album repaid repeated listens and ultimately it was retro and yet something different. Complicated and delicious, strong yet fragile, we felt enriched by our experience of this album, something not achieved by everything we hear these days... 

Dawn Osborne

Courtesy of Hair Metal Mansion,

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