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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
In this their 15th Studio album Pretty Maids are not a clapped out spent force, but a vibrant sophisticated  machine,  killing it and giving us ‘hit you right between the eyes’ metal just like it should be with intelligent, thought provoking, relevant lyrics. 
“When God took the Day off’ confronts the subject of evil and expresses anger at the state of the world in a storming relentless big slab of infectious monster lyrics and riffs, a great start to the album with not just a hint of nostalgia for more innocent times and sense of history. ‘Kingmaker’ keeps up the pace with a relentless beat and great chorus. ‘Face the World’ is a big fat juicy AOR track and another chorus you’ll find yourself singing in the shower. ‘Humanise Me’ has the big sound of Muse without the excess glibness, with a strong  back line keeping it real and streamlined with a powerful, huge sound. “Last Beauty on Earth’ is  a softer AOR track and may be a surprise to old Pretty Maids fans. Mellow it may be, but it’s a great song if a slight change of direction and contains some nice guitar solo work. ‘Bull’s eye’ is  a lovely slice of memorable melodic metal about the impact of love. “King of the Right Here and Now’ contains some great vocal delivery and has an inspired solo keeping the quality high. ‘Heavens Little Devil’ is an uncompromising love song with a strong hypnotising vocal  intro drawing you in to the quality aor that follows. ‘Civilised Monsters’ is a  blowtorch of a track, clearly a comment about extremist religion right on the money for 2016 with classical sounding cadences blasted out in facemelting fashion. ‘Sickening’ is another strong unflinching track about violence and  the Internet sharing of executions, with one of the most punch you in the teeth lines ‘it goes viral’ we’ve heard for a while, that beautiful moment in a song where someone just hits the right spot just making you want to hit replay. ‘Was that what you wanted’ is a final message about the effect of war and meddling politics holding those in power accountable as well for atrocities. Strong stuff bolstered by strong material. 
This album is a classic. Never let anyone tell you rock is dead while albums like this are still being born. We are pinching ourself to still be enjoying great new metal albums like this in 2016. What a great time for the metal scene!
Dawn Osborne
Courtesy of Hair Metal Mansion. 

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