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We talked about it in the chat room tonight, had the idea of you guys posting photos of YOU in the 80's! Yes, big hair and everything! So if you are brave enough to share your 80's pics on here, that would be very cool! I would if I could, but since I wasn't born till '89, that kinda rules me out, hahaha....
Check out a slideshow below:


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Here it goes!!!!
LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for sharing Kathy!! You ROCK :)

which one are you?

Sweeeeeet! haha

Christy and Mary, thanks so much for posting! =)
Beautiful pic, Mary!
awe look at you so cute and precious mary

Nice. really liked the turnrable.

thanks Mary
There were only two years
to begining of my "years in army"

and :-)
I see in your eyes, that you had to be a really good girl and student!
It's in Polish, right?

very nice maggie


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