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Which one do you prefer, Myspace or Facebook?


I have to say that lately I have been spending a lot more time on Facebook than Myspace. I'm just liking Facebook better for a number of reasons and it seems that 90% of the people that I talk to feel the same way. It seems like Myspace has just been having a lot of problems lately and I am not realling liking the new setup of it. Takes longer for the pages to load too!


Anyway, just wondering what everyone else here thinks, I am still keeping my Myspace, but you will find me on Facebook more often...  

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I like Myspace better for music/bands... tho it looks more n' more like Facebook everyday
I totally agree!!! Sucks huh?
I have both but prefer Facebook for catching up with friends and other interests.
They are quite different.. For everydays, i like and i read Facebook more.

I used to love My space,

But after the change, It sucks.

I,ve got a facebook account now.

need I say more. :-)


I used to use MySpace a lot but the changes they made weren't that great so I started to use Facebook a lot more. I only hit MySpace when that's the only way to check out a band, I even deleted my profile! I use Facebook and Twitter daily.



Heavy Metal Addiction

I use to say Myspace but since they changed I have to say Facebook. Myspace is kindof a pain in the ass to deal with since they changed...I still have it though..
I'm debating whether or not to just delete my Myspace... because I haven't logged in for a month or so...

I don't like either. Facebook is an invitation to computer issues (like funky emails that your friends DID NOT send you), from my experience. Tried it twice and got sick of all the pages of junk I didn't care about. MYSPACE was cool until Jack Black "highjacked it", now it's a complete mess. There is no way to express yourself like in the past, and there is a lot of this someone you don"t know "likes this". HMMMM sounds like Facebook..........

To sum it up, I am perfectly happy here on the Mansion! Thanks Andrew for giving all of us this awesome place to be us!!!


Haha well THANK YOU Amy! Glad you like it here... this is kinda like the Myspace/Facebook for metalheads! haha


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