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George Lynch is a man of passion. From his completely hand made guitars embellished with snake skin from rattlesnakes he's killed himself, to his documentaries about native american rights, he puts himself unreservedly into anything he does. However, sometimes conditions are right and George hits an even sweeter spot. This album is one of those moments. 'This is my rock n roll This is my lovin all I need...I hear it callin out to me.. ' proclaims the opener ‘Automatic Fix’. We believe it.  

This is the sixth studio full length album from Lynch Mob, made with original singer Oni Logan whose voice has matured well, rich in character and tone. Jeff Pilson and Brian Tichy (who seems to get everywhere these days) make up the seasoned crew on the recording. The producer Chris 'the Wizard' Collier commented that the recording needed little work such was the quality of the original contributions.

It's fair to say the style of Lynch Mob has wavered along the way from something very close to Dokken, to a brief foray into nu metal, into something George seems much more comfortable with and reflects the wide variety of styles of music to which he listens. There's still plenty of  meaty guitar riffs, but now coupled with soulful sounding lyrics with a funkier vibe, think Electric Boys or King's X, rather than Dokken or King Kobra. The influence of traditional styles blues and even gospel is there for those who look, see for example the excellent 'Testify' and its lyrics about 'righteous feeling'. This is very much a metal album, but it is also so much more. The funkier groove is strong and vibrant, see for example 'The Hollow Queen', 'The Kingdom of Slaves' and 'The Ledge' in particular for those Kings X style vibes. It's a tasty dish with a great deal of flavour. 

The themes are also mature and well rounded, there are still songs about relationships and matters close to home such as 'Between the truth and a lie' and the really excellent 'Jelly Roll': 'Let's get in trouble baby'- Hell yeah! (We defy anyone not to love Oni's delivery of  'I just wanna make love to you', file under 'not to be forgotten') However, political thinking is also evident in songs such as 'War' and 'Dirty Money' . This is a band determined to be taken seriously and rightfully so.

George is more prolific than ever, admitting that ideas come to him all the time and he records them instantly wherever he is. This is not Dokken, but it is someone seeking to make authentic real music that he feels in the here and now. It's a chill out rather than a party album. An album for late night after parties with close friends and is likely to be a favourite of his peers. There's often no higher accolade in this brave new world. Let's hope this recording gets the recognition it deserves. 


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