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Hi Everybody....our new album is out and we'd love you to check it out. You can listen to it and all of our previous albums at The title track will start playing when you go can turn it off on the player on the bottom and then scroll over any album and start listening to any album you want. Thanks for listening and all your support....we really appreciate all your passion for music!!!....Ron Young/ Little Caesar

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THE Ron Young everyone..... we are honored to have you on board with us man! Love what I'm hearing from the new album and can't wait to get my hands on it, so I can crank it up on the show! 

Thanks Andrew...that means a lot to's like getting a compliment for a bottle of wine from the tasters themselves at a place like this!

I second that Ron. Will also be cranking up the tunes on my Radio shows as well. If you're ever down for an interview, let me know. CJ


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