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LITA FORD - Time Capsule - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

As the title suggests these are in fact old recordings, reported rescued from her Caribbean island home in a suitcase Lita brought them back to Los Angeles not even knowing if they would still work. Thankfully they did and some fantastic recordings featuring not only Lita, but also Jeff Scott Soto, Gene Simmons, Dave Navarro, Robin Zander and Rick Neilsen have been saved for our delectation. Lita records in sleeve notes 'Not one thing was fixed..or any way!! These tapes are still as I found them!!' What is remarkable about this is the quality of what's on offer for us in this selection of previously unreleased material. 

Following a story style intro designed to communicate the mindset that this is not newly recorded material, we go straight into a storming duet with excellent vocals from Jeff Scott Soto 'Where will I find my heart tonight' . It's no exaggeration to say that if it had been released in the eighties it could well have been as big as Lita's duet with Ozzy. Catchy and well produced it is manna from heaven for eighties rock fans. Followed by another huge ballad 'Your love is the killing kind' also showing this album is no where near out takes, but contains fully formed rock songs which easily could have been seen on Lita's most successful and commercial albums. In our view the album is worth a purchase for just these first two songs, but oh yes there is more. In particular, and it's not often we say this about instrumental tracks, for a beautiful interpretation of 'Little Wing' filled with real true feeling showing what a good guitar player Lita really is. Other examples of fine guitar work feature on the album such as in 'King of the Wild Wind' and since Lita has been exploited for her image in the past it's great to see her taking control of this project as producer and a showcase for her past work. Power to you Lita! Yes we think it was worth all the effort to get these songs to us! You don't happen to have any more hidden in your closet by any chance? 

Dawn Osborne

Courtesy of Hair Metal Mansion, 

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