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Count's Vamp'd once again hosted an unbelievable night of music and Album Release party for non other than Last In Line!

Witnessing Vivian Campbell (Lead Guitar), Vinny Appice (Drums) and Andrew Freeman (Vocals) along with Phil Soussan (Bass) and Erik Norlander (Keyboards) was unequivocally going to be the 'ne plus ultra' of shows to witness.  With curtains still closed, Campbell tears through a riff which only entices the crowd for more of what is to come. Opening the show with Stand Up And Shout from the Holy Diver album;  It's on!  Performing a host of songs from the DIO days, it is more than praiseworthy  to see the congregation rise to worship the words and music of one of the greatest bands of all time.  

Andrew Freeman stepped into rock and roll history to fill some major vocal shoes, so to speak.  No one can ever replace the voice of Ronnie James Dio and no one should or could ever try.  "Ronnie Dio was the kind of singer who had the lung capacity to be able to belt it out over a band as loud as we were", stated Campbell in a prior interview.  "Andy does have a similar range and a very similar power and passion in his vocals and he really does tremendous job interpreting Ronnie’s lyrics.”  Freeman delivers every note and lyric with the exact power and passion as described.  As Freeman announces Devil In Me, the first song of the night from the new album Heavy Crown screams emerge from the onlookers as the music begins.  It's apparent the new release has been received greatly by the fans.  The album is a fiery and gratifying accomplishment for the band, of which each are extremely proud.  The entire night is pure force and fascination as Last In Line literally shake the walls. They continue with the classic Last In Line.  The crowd is almost deafening as they entwine their own voices throughout the song, making the statement of what this band is; literally the Last In Line. 


Returning for an encore, Freeman takes a moment to share a memory of the passing of friend and band mate, Jimmy Bain, may he Rest In Peace.  He states that Jimmy was also extremely proud of this album and the song they were about to perform had an entire new meaning to it now; Starmaker as Jimmy watches from above.  Closing the night with We Rock and Revolution, Freeman introduces each band member to the roar of the fans.  "Good Night!  We Are The Last In Line!", shouts Freeman.


The band stayed well into the morning hours for a meet and greet with autographs and photo opportunities.  All in all the summation of the evening was energy, fortitude and vehemence.  They are Last In Line!   




Last In Line Set List

  1)   Stand Up and Shout

  2)   Straight Through The Heart

  3)   Don’t Talk To Strangers

  4)   Devil In Me

  5)   Evil Eyes

  6)   Holy Diver

  7)   Egypt

  8)   I Speed At Night

  9)   Last In Line

10)   Martyr

11)   Invisibile

12)   Rainbow In The Dark



13)   Starmaker

14)   We Rock

15)   Revolution

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