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HOUSE OF LORDS - Indestructible - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

Celebrating ten years of the current line up with their tenth studio album House of Lords are clearly in an optimistic mood as the title of their new album and name of the second track suggests "indestructible'. Indeed they are sounding great, fresh and inspired. Whilst this album is certainly heavier overall than for example the earlier stuff from this band (such as 'Love don't Lie' or 'What's Forever for') they do not compromise on melody or harmony. Opener 'Go to Hell' soon crashes into meaty guitar riffs. Tracks tracks like '100 mph' and 'Stand and Deliver" shred and rock with the best. Some parts of the album reminded me of Diamond Head at their most experimental not the least in the gregorian chant and eastern influences in 'Go To Hell'.

The arrangements can be complex growing after more listens such as in 'Die to Tell' and hooks which are less obvious initially become irresistible once the ears are used to them such as in the excellent 'Eye of the Storm'. But fans of the old stuff will not be disappointed this album ultimately stays true to House of Lords' 80s sound. Ballads with traditional guitar solos played with feeling are still in evidence and tracks like 'Another Dawn' still have the falsetto harmonies in the chorus which are one of the trademarks of this band. The shadow of grunge still looms large over music in general and the content of the lyrics is less innocent and sugary than the eighties, but some might say more realistic and intelligent as in 'Pillar of 'Salt'. And love songs are still in evidence such as 'Call My bluff' and 'We will always be one' if fashionably less overtly emotional or obvious. But complexity and maturity and weighty topics such as "Ain't Suicidal' are a side effect of this more modern approach.

This is a grown up band for grown ups. 8/10

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