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Hello Hair Metal Mansion Friends!!  Let me start off with saying what I had originally planned on being your average "Good Friday" on April 6, 2012 here in PITTSBURGH,PA surprisingly turned into so much more...In fact It ended up being a "GREAT" Friday!!!! 

 Taking into consideration I am seeing Great White in May at M3 FEST in Columbia,Maryland I had only planned on going to the Meet and Greet with "Great White" that day at Guitar Center here in Robinson Township,Pa (which had been provided by Doc Rock & Metal Shop 101 and along with my husband Bob and my little 8 year old Rocker Girl Ashley who was looking very forward to meeting the guys and even had a full outfit all planned out which included a "Rock Me" t-shirt I had previously gotten at their last show in Mt.Pleasant,Pa the year prior.  Little did I know plans would change...It was much to my surprise my brother John Seidel called me just a few days before the show to inform me he had won the contest he entered through "Iron City Rocks" which consisted of (2) tickets to the show that night as well as sitting in on the sound check with Great White and invited me to join him as his "guest".  As you can imagine my excitement was through the roof!  We quickly arranged for a sitter for our daughter for the night (as much as I know she would have completely enjoyed going to the show too) and bought my husband a discounted ticket for the show at the Meet & Greet so he could later meet us there. 

  Good Friday April 6,2012 rolls around...our day got started very early as we knew we had to be at Guitar Center by 1:30pm for the Meet and Greet so we we're sure to be there early to beat the crowds which surprisingly were not too bad. My husband, daughter and I all made our way to a room in the back of  Guitar Center where they had a table set up with all the guys sitting. We said "Hello" to our old friend Doc Rock first before making our way over to meet the band. They were all extremely sweet and you couldn't ask for a more down to earth group of guys!!  They all signed the poster they provided us with and Michael Lardie was generous enough to ask our daughter Ashley if she wanted a picture with them? There was no way she would decline that offer!  So Michael (Lardie) and Terry (Ilous) took a few pictures with Ashley and then the rest of the guys also provided us with several group shots together. We hung around & talked to the guys a bit as well as talked to Doc for awhile while the guys took photos with some of the other fans and signed more autographs and the next thing you know it was already 2:30pm and the Meet and Greet was over so the guys all said "GoodBye" and made their way out of Guitar Center along with Doc and we're all headed off to the Pepsi Roadhouse for sound check as was I after checking out a few guitars inside Guitar Center (with my husband being a guitarist himself I knew getting out of there would not be an easy task!). So after doing some looking around the store a bit my husband & daughter were headed back home and I would now make the drive myself out to Pepsi Roadhouse.


  Usually the Pepsi Roadhouse is known for their dinner shows but on this night no dinner was provided and the tables were removed which made for a much better atmosphere for a rock show. The plan was to meet my brother John out at Pepsi Roadhouse at 3:45pm for sound check which is what we did. I pulled in first not long behind Doc & the guys in the band and watched them all make their way into the back of Pepsi Roadhouse as I sat and waited for my brother to arrive which was just moments later. 3:45pm John & I made our way to the front of Pepsi Roadhouse since we were told to go to "will call" - well nobody was at the window nor we're they answering our knocks on the front door. We then made our way around to a side door where we knocked and a man allowed us in after we told him we we're the contest winners for the"Iron City Rocks" contest.  We then asked him if we were allowed to take pictures while sound check was going on? He asked the guys in the band and told us it was not a problem. At this point it was roughly after 4pm and the guys we're already in the middle of sound check. John & I walked in and made our way up near the stage where we bumped into another friend of ours Steven who is also a huge supporter of the band and helps them out when needed with setting things up for the show.  We stood there next to the stage watching sound check and talking with Steven and then eventually took our seats at a table directly next to the stage.  Having seen Great White several times before with Terry and without we both knew we we're in for a treat!  That it was....doors were to open to the public at 5:30pm but sound check ended up running over a bit so it was closer to 6pm when the guys finished up and Doc took them back to the hotel to change into their stage clothes (I offered my assistance with helping the guys out but Doc declined) What can I say? Just trying to be helpful...haha.  So at this point John and I decided to get a bite to eat since we hadn't eaten since early morning and waited for the first of four local acts to take the stage. The local acts were: Gods and Aliens, The Johnny Miller Band, Court Four, and Twisted Fate,,, none of which I have seen before and I have to admit the one band that stood out for me was Twisted Fate. Considering they played music that supported a Great White concert (80's music) and really got the crowd pumped! Playing music the crowd could relate to, as well as a few of their own originals which also won the crowd over. 

@ Ten O'clock Great White hits the stage and we finally got to see what we have been waiting for all day and night... and they did not disappoint! We made sure we were front & center by the stage along with some new friends we had met that night - Barbie, Chris & Jonathon. They played all the hits from "Rock Me" to "Lady Red Light"  "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and "Save Your Love"  right down to "All or Nothing". I have to give props to Geoff Jones who is the house Audio Engineer for Pepsi Roadhouse who assisted the band in sounding phenomenal that night!  If any of you grew up in the 80s then you are probably already well aware of Terry Ilous from the band XYZ and his fabulous vocal abilities and now fronting Great White he is an outstanding addition to the band and a great fit!!  Not to mention a favorite with the ladies which could have a lot to do with all of the panties flying up on stage that night...panties were flying everywhere! One pair even landed directly on Mark Kendall's guitar but he didn't miss a beat! I All of the guys are top notch performers and put alot into making it a show I for one will never forget!!!  The band looked to be enjoying themselves as much as the crowd was!  Unfortunately, it was time for the show to end and as the crowd died down a bit we hung out talking to some old friends and new friends we made that night until it was time to make our way out the door but not before Terry (Ilous) shook each of our hands and told us that "He will see us at M3 Fest!", which I am looking very forward too!! I have to again thank "Iron City Rocks" for offering this contest and my brother John Seidel for taking me along with him & allowing me to experience one hell of a show as well as sound check.  Props going out to "Sound Factory Productions" because without them this show wouldnt have taken place.  




 I have attached a link for my youtube channel below to view all of our videos we took at the show as well as several of our pictures.  (Pictures courtesy of  Bob and Tanya Maggs and John Seidel as well as Barbie Domasky)  (Link to my youtube channel to view all of our videos we took from Great White @ Pepsi Roadhouse) Enjoy!!










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Tanya, LOVE the review!! Not only did ya get to see them live, you got to spend the whole day with them pretty much! haha.. and that just makes the whole thing that much more memorable. Amazing photos too.... hope I get to see them soon again myself. 

I also wanna say I am proud of you, you posted it all by yourself! Nice work, blondie, lol ;) 

HAHAHAHA :P He's so good at laughing!!

Thanks Andrew! I'm proud of me too... ;) lol... I did it all by myself...Guess I was making it out to be more difficult than it really was.  Lol.

It was definitely a Full blown day with Great White and I will NEVER forget it!! I can't Thank Doc Rock enough for providing the meet and greet and most of all my brother John for allowing me to tag along with him for sound check and the show.  Thanks Andrew! Can't take all the credit - I used alot of our pictures and alot of my brothers and a few of Barbies too but we all so many great ones to choose from which is why it took me so long to complete it (couldn't make up my mind with pictures) :)  I hope you get to see them again soon too! come to M3 with us in May and you will. ;)

Love these Tanya, they look great!! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm not jealous ;) lol ok maybe a little bit hehehe! \m/ keep rockin!

Thanks Reanna! :) Lol...  Trust me...I was jealous of my brother until he invited me along. Lol...

Thank You Mary!!

Tanya great job \m/ now thats how 2 rock \m/  i seen them last year at mt pleasent glass festival n they were great n very kool 2 meet \m/ you rockette !

Thankyou La Rocker!! I too was at that show at Mt Pleasant where Terry Ilous remodeled their gazebo when he pushed it over when he leaned over it & fell into the audience.  That was a great show & so small & intimate!  Thanks for the compliments! Glad you enjoyed my review.


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