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Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

Re-recorded with new technology for the 30th anniversary, this re-release also contains seven bonus tracks including an excellent brand new song ‘Running on Empty’. Since ‘Indiscreet’ was one of the best aor albums ever made this should be an easy review as this has never been off our playlist in the last thirty years.

It’s always good to have re-mastered material as technology has moved on so much, in this case the band went one further in re-recorded them and the good news is that they have kept the magic of the original release and have not been tempted to alter the original opus beyond recognition which is great news. The best thing about this album is the songs. The whole album is perfect song after perfect song setting the bar high for any other album of this genre. ‘That Girl’ was probably the best known song from the albums and in recognition of that we have a newly recorded acoustic version amongst the added material, although we love ‘Frozen Heart’ just as much. Indeed, there isn’t a poor track on ‘Indiscreet’ so if you have never heard it and you love keyboard laden, harmony rich, melodic rock what is keeping you.

This is well worth the purchase, not only is the production improved the additional material is definitely worth having (despite the fact that on ‘Shot in the Dark’ we just keep want to speed it up to make it as fast as the Ozzy version). Besides, your vinyl copy of the original must be on its last legs now if it got as much play as ours, making this release well timed to coincide with the resurgence of this kind of music with Frontiers as the cutting edge.

Dawn Osborne


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