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FEMME FATALE - One More For The Road - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

In the early 90s after their successful self titled first album which got a lot of MTV and magazine attention Femme Fatale had another full album waiting in the wings that never got released. We are delighted to say this album has now just been made available, over twenty years later and is certainly worth the wait..

As if a prophet, given the delay on the album launch, the band entitled one of the tracks 'Lady in Waiting' and it's the best track on the album! Featuring Lorraine's sexy rasp-like vocals of course, lyrically it's just what we would expect from this independent sassy lady as she tells us how she was still at time of writing pretty much 'waiting for the big one' whilst there's no hint of deja vu in the music and lyrics themselves.. Although she has since become happily married, the track is still wonderful vintage 'Femme Fatale' at its best. 'One more for the road' the title track is a good fun time rock n roller. Next track 'Buried Alive' is a big juicy ballad, beloved of the eighties and fans of that music everywhere. Another favorite is 'the Alley' with its singalong chorus showcasing Lorraine's whisky-laden voice and some great rock n roll guitar with some bluesy feeling. There's also a feisty excellent cover of 'Piece of my heart' of Erma Franklin/Janis Joplin fame..

While we would have loved to hear some new stuff from Lorraine's cracking new all female band, this is a great taster of all the good things to come..

Dawn Osborne


"One More For The Road" - now available via FnA Records and Rock and Roll Vending

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