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now Im not talking the odd lyric here , I mean entire songs , ( example ) Faster Pussycats " slip of the tongue " or Aerosmith with " falling in love is hard on the knees " , Im going to throw out a few obvious ones here ....... Warrant , " Cherry Pie " Faster Pussycat " big Dictionary , , lets hear your favorites !!!!!!!!

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Venom ~ Teacher's Pet

Teacher caught me masturbating
underneath the desk
she looked at me and winked her eye
said "see you after class"
I heard the school bell ring that told
me that the day was done
she called me back and locked
the door my lessons just begun
Teachers pet
Teachers wet
Sitting down she crossed her
legs her skirt crept up her thigh
feeling something start to rise
my thought began to fly
You've been a naughty boy she said
now that you can't conceal
I'll have to punish you
the best way that I feel
Teachers pet
Teachers wet
She took my hand and gently placed it
in between her thighs
with open legs and heavy breath
she slowly closed her eyes
Her flesh was aching and her
hands began to stray
on thing that I know for sure
I won't forget today
Teachers pet
Teachers wet
Pulled me down forwards her mound
teacher tasted sweet
sixty-nine - I don't mean lines
this was teachers treat
Played hide and seek with teachers mouth
her lips were warm and wet
Now today I've had my way
and teacher won't forget
Teachers pet
Teachers wet

steelheart - gimme gimme

those lyrics and milli's sex hungry vocals are perfect together

Poison- Talk dirty to me
Wasp- Animal
Venom- Teachers Pet (dokkcrue beat me to that... I like how you added the lyrics, that song makes me laugh)
AC/DC- You shook me all night long, Walk all over you
RATT- Enough is Enough
Kix- Sex
And soo many more... I can't think of them all right now!


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