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now Im not talking the odd lyric here , I mean entire songs , ( example ) Faster Pussycats " slip of the tongue " or Aerosmith with " falling in love is hard on the knees " , Im going to throw out a few obvious ones here ....... Warrant , " Cherry Pie " Faster Pussycat " big Dictionary , , lets hear your favorites !!!!!!!!

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Steel Panther - Supersonic sex machine

Steel panther - Asian hooker

AC/DC - Givin the dog a bone

Led Zeppelin -  Black dog

Whitesnake - Slide it in

Poison - Talk dirty to me

I could go on forever!

100,000 Years - Hurricane

Get Some Strange- Shark Island

Paris Calling - Shark Island

Soul to Soul - Bang Tango

Turbo Lover - Judas Priest

Screaming For a Love Bite - Accept

Ready For the Big One - Femme Fatale

steelheart - gimme gimme

those lyrics and milli's sex hungry vocals are perfect together

Poison- Talk dirty to me
Wasp- Animal
Venom- Teachers Pet (dokkcrue beat me to that... I like how you added the lyrics, that song makes me laugh)
AC/DC- You shook me all night long, Walk all over you
RATT- Enough is Enough
Kix- Sex
And soo many more... I can't think of them all right now!


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